Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being single@25 and more!

As I was trying to figure out whom DLF is shortlisting to sell its Aman Resort asset, a friend, lets call her Simi, pings me on facebook and asks, "Have you shortlisted?" I replied, "yeah but I am wondering why Louis Vuitton would like to buy it", she interrupts, "Bitch! I am talking about your short listing" and I kept thinking what I am supposed to shortlist.

Then I realised, and i replied, "Ohhhoo! that shortlisting, nah, I am not doing it mom and dad and entire clan is going to do it."

Simi said, "Oh, I have shortlisted ten, can you believe it Ten!!! mom will start calling them from next week, I am sure one can definitely be rounded up."

I replied, "Good, i really hope that you get married by the end of the year!"

Yeah! Marriage! and we were talking about shortlisting men from all the matrimony websites and news paper advertisements. With an onslaught of matrimonial websites like, ,, community wedding portal to same caste wedding portals, there are options which are bound to defy one's imagination. To add to it daily newspapers come up with an extra suppliment dedicated entirely for the purpose of match making and very smartly they publish it on sundays. so the entire sunday the entire family except for the one who is supposed to get married look at ads which scream 'wanted grooms' or 'Bride wanted' , as if its a paper of wanted criminals.

The whole day is spent looking at these haunted wanteds and finally once a consensus is reached, the prospective 'parties' are called. And if they like the 'party' they then mail their resumes to each other, and if both parties like it, then they meet either at the girl's place or the new found fancy of the urban India, a cafeteria or open resturaunt of any mall near their homes. Thats quite a long process which can at times take a week or months at large!

Also to add, some portals also offer authenticity checks done by consultants like AC Nielsen, I mean hatts off man! There are other features too, I am really not interested to decipher the portal. Do it yourself!

So finally, when the average girl and the average boy who couldnt find any partner on their own, or had gone through a series of break ups- give up and infamously put a tag of destiny on their forehead and within a week of even knowing each other's name, their facebook pages scream "In a Relationship".

Wait! its not even six months, the status will shift to being, "Married" and some 55 comments congratulating the two hapless people, who in their entire lifetime would have never imagined to be together are now apparently 'happily married'. And then bikini clad pics and skimpy shorts would be all over the internet, dancing in Macau to sunbathing at Langkawi, Kissing at Maldives to playing with snow balls in Iceland! Options are endless!

But that's still better than being a 25 year old, single bengali girl, that too a business journalist! because the above mentioned traits isn't really what qualifies one to be a good 'Gharowa" or 'homely' girl. Every time a relative comes visiting or any family function one is forced to attend, the only topic of discussion that attracts maximum attention is, "biye kabey dichho?' (When are you getting her married off?)
Infact a few months back, I went to my father's best friends' daughter's birthday party and the caterer uncle was a common friend, and he screamed across the first floor to my father, " Dada, I will take the catering order for your daughter's marriage"

To my horror, I could see atleast one hundred eye sockets staring at me, the uncle further continued ,"But beta, he should not be a Muslim or very rich, then I would not take the order."
My mother quipped, "Cheley holiye holo!" which meant, "Its enough if there is a guy"
And everyone on the floor sighed, there is no boy!

But then, Indian families are very different from their western counterpart, there are relatives who seldom think its their job to save me from my present destitute state. So a cousin of mine went ahead and told a Forty year old uncle, that there is a girl would you like to get married?
Another cousin, how could she be left behined, she wanted me to meet a guy who is least interested in getting married! So finally, my mom looks around the paper as she cant browse internet and calls people. Once someonse asked her, what is your daughter's weight? I asked her to reply she is a 'Phulkopi' which means cauliflower :P

As every sunday is spent dealing with marriage and its anciliary topics, I have found my perfect way out of it. Call cousins over for picnic, taking them out for movies or join a gmat class.. trust me its quite a better option than your parents asking you at the end of the day, "why don't you have a boyfriend?" Trust me they will get you your favorite car to your dream travel trip, if only you said, You have the 'Guy'!
Once my mentor ended up asking me, "Are you lesbian?How can you stay wihtout a guy for two years? I mean not even a fling..I mean being a leabsian is okay there is nothing to be ashamed off"

Hahahaha...everytime I think about it i can't stop laughing at what he said that day!No I am not laughing at the concept of being gay, but I am not> M quite straight and have had boy friends who have iterated everytime I dated them, that Men are not worth the chick-chick that they bring along!

So here it is, accept it, a girl dosent need a guy just for the heck of it! Money can buy diamonds, clothes, cards, dinners, everything but not what the women is exactly look for! It includes lot of caring, sharing and not a pint of lying, the option of being worried for the other person and spending sleepless nights, going on a long drive at 3 am, or just cooking dinner for the other...theres a lot more to finding a guy than just meeting in a mall and popping the beautiful question you can only dare to ask, "so what's your hobby? Do you like gardening, cooking?" Hell No! theres no land for gardening any more in Bombay so Shut the Fuck Up! and yes ofcourse i will work 14 hours a day and cook !that is all is left to my existence!

Until then, its being happily single mode :)

whats the weirdest you have come across? teme, its fun to hear these stories....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kalighat Paintings

As new age modern artists swiftly run their brushes on canvas, the oil paints splash onto each other to give life to a new painting. On the other hand, Ganga Chitrakar, in his mid forties, sitting on the stairs of the enigmatic, Victoria Memorial Hall, a museum built in 1921 in Kolkata, draws border line strokes with strong vegetable colours on a piece of cloth depicting naxalism in Nandigram, a village in West Mednipur.

'Chitrakar' or painters began painting on the 'Pat' or cloth which became Bengal's indigenous painting form originating in the 19 th century called Kalighat Painting. The name Kalighat attached itself to the painting form as the painters or 'patuas' used to sit around Kalighat Kali Mandir, one of the most visited temple of Goddess Kali located in Kalighat, the southern part of Kolkata. The patuas based their paintings on straight lines, soft curves, strong suggestions and no detailings of the characters on the painting. This school of painting was the most coveted form between 1835-1935 and they only used vegetable colours to make their 'chitras' or visuals. Pilgrims who came to worship in the temple or visitors who simply wandered in the city could not help but take the city's memories back in the form of these Kalighat Paintings which narrated stories of Goddess Kali, Ram and Sita or Krishna with Radha, Annapurna and others.

As time passed by the patuas did not restrict themselves by only painting Hindu lords, as Mughal emprors began their invasions some of the artists converted their religion and became Muslims and narrated new stories. The patuas fascination took to the Babu-Bibis, the Britishers who lived in the south part of the city also called White Calcutta. Though the painters could not visit or see them but they read the newspapers and derived their thoughts for the painting. Researchers say that Kalighat School of painting blended two different styles which includes the oriental and the occidental form of painting.

As the century passed by the Kalighat temple and its environs are no longer home to these patua families. Most of the patuas relocated to their villages in various districts of the state. A significant amount of patuas are nestled in a village called Naya, situated in West Mednipur district, 150 kilometeres away from the city. The present day artists take the title of Chitrakar or Patua which specifies their caste status.

Most of the artisans have been living in dire conditions though things have been improving since last few years as these artists have gained prominence across the globe with their art work. Banglanatok dot com, a social enterprise in collaboration with European Union, has been working with 230 patuas in both districts in Mednipur. Ranjan Sen, creative head of Banglanatok, says, "Patuas in various districts have signature style like patuas in Murshidabad have a lot of detailing imbibed in their work. Also originally Kalighat paintings were done with only black and white, later on colours came in. The economic condition of the painters is very poor. The paintings go through personal collectors or dealers but as a community their conditions are dire. Though in last few years things have been improving."

The organisation is working on the concept of 'Shilpi bachley shilpo bachbey', if artisans live only then only will art live. One of the aspiring Patchitrakar, Moyna chitrakar had taken to begging with her husband to fend for her family but now not only she earns a healthy living she exhibits her paintings in Paris too. Sen adds, "Earlier they had a monthly income of Rs 500-600, and now the average income of the villagers is approximately Rs 7000-8000 per month." Some artisans are also fetching higher amounts.

Anwar Chitrakar, a west bengal state award recepient, had sold one of his paintings to Delhi Metro Station which fetched him Rs 80,000. Anwar's paintings have been showcased at Harley Gallery in United Kingdom and his graphic novel encapturing 1000 Kalighat pictures have released recently. Anwar, says,"People had stopped painting on Kalighat Pat. It is our family legacy to draw Kalighat Paintings, I started working from 1998 but everyone here had been doing cloth painting work but the payment was miniscule. When I first started selling I used to sell an 8 by 12 inches painting for Rs 100-150 a peice now I sell them for Rs 800 a piece on an average. I have also sold paintings for Rs 75000-85000 a piece depending upon the size of the painting."

The paintings are based on themes which is prevalent in the society, some of the themes are 9/11 strike on the world trade centre in USA, the evils of child marriage, water conservation, safe sanitation, HIV Aids awareness, naxalism in Nandigram. The painters have also innovated their paintings to give three dimensional look.Four of Anwar's paintings is part of the new artist section of the Kalighat Painting exhibition at Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata which has been put together in collaboration with Victoria and Albert Musuem in London. The exhibition is part of the cultural pact signed between Indian and Britain last year. The exhibition showcases some of the rare Kalighat Painting collections which are present with V&A London in Kolkata. The exhibition will travel through the country.

Most of the paintings on display are from the collection of John Lockwood Kipling, which he collected during his tenure in Calcutta. The museum also boasts of collections from Mukul Dey, the Indian artist and first Indian principal of Government art college in Kolkata. Dey's collections can be found across continents, though he wanted to open a museum in Calcutta but a major part of his Kalighat Paintings were acquired by W G Archer.

PLS NOTE: I had written this copy for my publisher Business Standard Ltd, enclosed link is what came on the paper finally, but this is my personal take!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The gang of Girlz

Friendship, friends on a ship... The ship sets sail from the port and after a lot of turbulence, and some calm waters, beautiful breeze and sea gulls playing by as the ship reaches its destination, some friends manage to hold it together and some drown. Though most of the friendships drown and become a replica of Titanic, some sail through, this is a story about five friends who are sailing through for last two years, quite happily with each other. We do fight, get angry and scream at each other but we know how to manage it too. The gang of girls stands united. may be that's why Shikha has a cup which i gave, says, "Liverpool- United we stand."
This story is about my beautiful Happy Club which was formed after watching Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani-let me do the honours :P,
First the President- who else can be better than Me! (Jerry)
The Vice President- some people keep fighting for the post- i will give it to Nidhi Mishra (Needy)- Phd in Gerontology.. i always told her it would make more sense to research on the phenomenon called Pooja Sarkar! She says next time, i will better hire someone else.
Scretary- Kinjal Bodani (Kinju), an interior designer by profession, who has designed some of the biggest names of South Mumbai and has never managed to design any of our homes. huh.
Auditor- we actually have a certified CA who specialises in US GAAP, now beat it!- Shalini Jaiswal Gupta (Shalu/shal)
and free parcel- Shikha Sood (Tom), banker by profession, and the other profession is to incessantly fight with me and also keep a record of the same! that's why we are called Tom n Jerry, in every three minutes we clock atleast one argument, but we cant do without each other too.
On October 5th, 2009 when i came back from six months of bed ridden status, i was alloted a shared room in a new wing of my hostel, the most beautiful and one of the heritage buildings in Mumbai, the 156 year old Villa Theresa Hostel at Peddar Road. You can never miss this building you have to cross my place to reach Marine Drive!
and one by one I befriended these girls as we all lived in the same wing and we went on to become the best of friends. Some of the most beautiful moments of my life have been spent with these lovely ladies, whether it be asking each other to keep dinner, requesting the warden to not close the gate as some is "just" reaching the hostel, or signing each other's entry, washing cups and plates (i hate cleaning them), infact I once threatened nidhi and shikhu that i will eat on paper plates but i won''t wash my dishes, so shikha finally washed them..hahahaha....the deal was she wont do the dish if i ate non-veg..heck i love veg!grrrr!!!
Every night, however much tired one may be, we all used to gather at Nidhi's room defying all hostel rules and we would share our day's stories, and if her roomie wanted to sleep, the paltan would shift to Shalu's room and finally on the lounge with our laptops in arms. The one who dominated the kingdom was Kinju's colleagues- Bindu, Ashita and Pooja. I dont think any of us can ever forget them.
Nidhi's bosses and Shalu's travel to Thane every day....and her monday upwas (fast) were the best, as we all used to get to hog potato chips...and of course my DNA Money stories and Raj. We all know each other's bosses, colleagues, relatives, every gossip in the hostel and also which stocks to invest. my worst recommendation still lies with Shalu- Resurgere Mines.
The best scenes would be when someone would ask, : would anyone oil my hair" the first to jump out of the room would be Kinjal, saying, "kal mera office hai early morning" Liar!
the next to chicken out would be me, finally Shikha would come with a barter theory. But the best ones were when i used to be asked to oil Nidhi's hair, i would pour half the bottle on her hair and say, "ho gaya"...and yet she would be nice to me.
Those memories are simply etched so deep that everytime I think about them i cant stop rolling on the floor...
Once during Kinju's bday, while we were busy planning her surprise she did so much over acting the whole evening that we all felt like abandoning the entire party andthe height was when she went off to sleep at 10.30pm, trying to act like Marlyn Monroe and when i called her she acted as if it is so not necessary to cuk the cake as she is deep asleep, noone beats Kinjal in acting!
All these moments maketh our friendship a beautiful voyage, speaking of voyage, I cant help but recollect our trip to Kashid, a pristine beach 11 kms ahead of Alibaug. The occassion was Neha's bachelor party. Neha- my godmother-who has always taken care of me, i call her BSE, as she used to slap fines on companies left, right and centre while working their.
As we were on our way to Kashid, on a ferry, i was filing a story from Shalu's phone and my notes were on a piece of paper, i was doing an exclusive pre-valuation IPO copy of Nitesh Estates, and midway, Shikha offered to help, though i declined twice, everyone said, how she loves me and wants to help me. So i let her help me, and five minutes of holding the paper, she lost the grip and the paper was flying in the sky finally drowning in the Arabian sea. As the paper was flying i ran behined it and infact i would have jumped off the deck had people not stopped me, so here I was without my notes, burning with anger, screaming my lungs out at Tom and filing the copy while everyone was busy clicking pictures. Shikha is still serving the sentence for this behaviour.
We made some memorable journey's together which includes our trips to Shirdi, Shani Shignapur, Alibaug, Indore for shalu's wedding and next on the cards in my darling Nidhi's marriage to her beloved man.
we all miss those sleep less nights, talking about our break ups and bad times. we held each other through the toughest times of our lives. infact it was quite surprising that we all were going through the worst together and we all stood by each other like rock, may be thats why during these easy times, we find it funny that at times we don't have topics to talk. As we all loved going to amarson's park at Breach Candy, not always did we talk. Just sitting together on the rock, as waves splashed and watching sunset made us smile and be happy. A deep breath and refreshed we walked again.
I and Shalu now stay in Kolkata, Nidhi and Shikha are in Mumbai and Kinju is in Gujarat, but distance has not dampened the spirit of our togetherness. not even our anger at each other. and ofcourse the silly conversations. But yes, I do miss our sunday outings, not a single sunday have we all spent either shopping or eating out...trying new dishes at Smoking Lees, to ordering pizzas, farewell party at Under the banyan tree to Koyla, getting ice creams for each other and eaing dairy milk's without asking from one's bag :P i always did those who had the manners to ask never got from me!
And the bundles of chocolates and cheese and wine we had!!! Those were definitely the best times, and remember how I used to pre book movie tickets and everyone would be late by atleast 15 minutes because of me!
From taking each other to doctor's to celebrating christmas and Saraswati Puja, last two years has been one hell of a hallelujah time, we never came late, never missed our 10.30 pm deadlines, why would we, what we all wanted was to reach hostel and meet each other as there are abundance of stories to tell and hear,
I miss those times, screaming at Shikha for carelessly crossing the road, looking at Nidhi whenever I wanted some thing when noone would give, palying shalu's favorite song list, fighting for chocolates and pastries with Kinju, and yet we wouldnt walk without each other..its either we all are in it or noones in it! So now the clock has been timed as we all will dance the night out as we all eagerly await and keep shopping for my dahling needy's wedding in November!!! Wake me up when November comes!
Cheers to the Happy wala Club !!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daat Dard :(

Daaton ka dard toh tutey dil key dard sey zyada bura hota hai
is pain mey toh pet bhi bhugat ta hai!
ice cream dekh kar jee lalchata hai, toh seekh kabab dekhkar man rota hai
ek bite lee nahi ki ankhon mey ansun aa jatey hain
chahey kitney combiflam ya voveran kha lo
lekin kambakht daat dard mera peecha nahi chodtey hain!
wafers ka ek tukda daton mey ja fasta hai
aur ye daaton ka kafila raat bhar rulata hai
jab bhi munh mey pani dalon nas chakra jata hai
haye ye daaton ka dard bada satata hai!!!
naye naye brush aur brissles ka ad dekh
thak gayi hun mai
mehenga sey mehenga tooth paste bhi kharid kar bekar baithey hain,
filling aur root canalling karwa karwa kar dentist ko amir banaya hai
lekin ye daton ka dard kabhi na picha chodey hai!

Kumartuli- as it prepares for Maa Durga's arrival

As one walks past the dinghy bylanes of Kumartuli, the hub of the artisans of West Bengal, one can't help but notice the idols of Goddess Durga half completed and covered as she is preparing for her arrival in next 36 days.
But Syamshree Pal, 55 years, is spending sleepless nights not only completing the orders he has in hand but thinking how will he able to finish them on time, as Kumartuli is hit with severe labour shortage this year.
He needs the labourers most as his children are not interested in pursuing this career and walk on his footsteps. His 26 year old son, is a pharmaceutical marketing executive. Though it is his family business and the nuances of craftmanship has been passed on to him through last three generations and after him the business will vanish from the family.
Shyamshree says, "I have been working as an artisan since i remember but i did not want my son to get into this business as it does not pay at all. It becomes difficult to run the family also there are a lot hardships in this business. We live in shabby homes , we are awake the whole night to complete these idols and it also has health hazards as we work with mirrors used in paints."
Also this year, most of the artisans have not been able to take big orders fearing non-completion of projects as labour shortage grips Kumartuli. Some potters have hauled projects as they look for labours.
Shyamshree continues, "I have hired four labours and I pay them Rs 1000 per day including food and shelter, whereas last year we had paid an average Rs 350 per day. Most of the laborers dont come since they get 100 day jobs with NREGS and some go to Mumbai and South where they get paid more. So it becomes to difficult for us to hire people."
With 42 idols for completion Shyamshree has a long way before he can sigh in relief.
The story is same for every artisan in this area. Every artisan is now paying anything between Rs 700-Rs 1000 per day as wages as compared to Rs 350-400 last year, a jump of 133- 150 per cent.
Nimai Chandra Pal, President, Kumartuli Mritshilpi Samiti, had joined his father straight out of college and learnt the tricks of the trade by watching his father and uncles at the workshop.
Nimai says, "Due to labour trouble the production is getting hampered seriously and the labour shortage is of around 40 per cent. Infact we have not been able to take more orders and we have already started refusing customers. We are worried whether artisans would be able to finish the existing orders in hand. If last year someone was making 35 idols this year he has only 20 projects. "
If only the fear of meeting the deadline wasn't enough the artisans are faced with contraction in margins in their business.
Last year artisans of Kumartuli had dispatched orders of 4000 idols which is slated to come down by minimum 20 per cent this year, vouch artisans.
Nimai adds, " At this point we can not give exact numbers but the production shortage number will be significant."
And to add to the list of existing woes of the artisans is the increase in raw material prices and their inability to pass it on to the end consumers.
Raw materials like bamboo, mirror, paints cost, shola (pit)has increased by 30 per cent as compared to last year.
The president further explains, "Nobody is trying to adjust the increase in prices that we are facing due to increase in raw material etc, for example if an idol was sold for Rs 20,000 last year it should be selling at Rs 26,000 this year, but the prices at which we are forced to sell is around Rs 22,000-24,000. so rest of the difference has to be borne by us."
As margin contraction dents the euphoria and excitement of the artisans of Kumartuli, those craftsmen who used to make big money by selling idols to over seas clients are facing trouble too. For a change, the mahisasur in the form of financial crisis is obstructing the sales of the idols of the Goddess of Power, Durga and it is unlikely that Durga will win this time.
Montu Pal, secretary, Kumartuli Mritshilpi Samiti, says, "This year I am supplying only 2 idols overseas one to cambridge and the other to Australia. Every year I sell more but this year orders are less. This year the margins have come down by 15-20 per cent."
Idols which travel overseas fetch anything starting from Rs 1.5 lakhs to Rs 2 lakhs. also with middle men in the bay, margins are squeezing further.
Montu adds, " Foreigners would not come to such places, the bylanes are narrow and unkempt, we can not expect them to come here and walk around see our work and then place orders. Very few people get direct orders most of them have to get it from middle men for these international orders. With business not so robust this year, and middle men not cutting their margins, it is really a challenging one this year."
As Mintu leaves hurriedly, with 30 idols to complete, including a 52 feet high fibre glass Maa Durga Idol which would adron FD Block in Salt lake, a first in India, this year Durga Puja hoppers will have lesser pandals to queue.

And I walk past the lanes looking at every corner selling puja materials, after all maa ashbey baritey (Durga will come home)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ek nayi udaan

Aye parindey udtey huye, zara tham ja is pal mey,
sun iskey dil ki chah ko, udney ka hausla zara dey isey
Chala hai ye dhundney apni nayi dagar, hai iskey dil mey ek chota sa dar,
sath dey ja bankar tu iska humsafar!
andhiyan toh bas ek shan hai, zara yad dila isey un thandi sisakti patton ki theh-thahati gunj ki yadein
hai nahi mushkil ek nayi safar
jab sath ho sathiyon ki leher,
toh kya hua jo tu hai aaj akela
aye parindey bata isey tu tha kaisey uda-
band pinjdon sey nikal, paron ko tha tuney kaisey sambhala
aye parindey zara tham ley isey is pal, le ja sang isey apney seher
dur kar apney man ka sangharsh le bhar udan aaj lekar ek nai sparsh!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You broke my heart

You broke my heart, slithered it apart
you thought its fine, you didn't give a dime.
you thought its fine to walk on that path, never bothering to look back.
you let me cry all by, you didnt even check where was I
Love did me in, looked like a sin.
you didnt even care to find my trace
left me to fend for my own sense
I walked under the sun looking hard for a shade with all those burn
walked hard on with the rain, looking for a light to drain
Its all disdaine as i stand alone with this pain,
with a broken heart and memories uncanned.

PS-these are lyrics that i write...

take my bow

You rotten dud, you broke my heart
you spoiled brat , drugged rat,
I dont care what you say anymore,
your time is up now don even bore
pack ya' bags and set ya' foot up
u dont belong to this door
its closed for you, forever and more...
I dont need you anymore,
your calls bug me and chats are gore
you seriously should walk out that door
it never matters what you say after the credits roll
what stays is what you did while you walked along
you broke the headlights bang on
now you are crushed beneath your soul
aint no forgiveness that can fill that hole
you messed it big time you little mole
now game is up and move ur arse through the door.

Monday, August 1, 2011

ये शहर है मुंबई

ट्राफ्फिक में फसे एक अन्थोनी साहब का गुस्सा

या लोकल ट्रेन की भीड़ में अटके शर्माजी का पिछला हिस्सा

सुबह अखबार देने आने वाला अब्दुल का किस्सा

या चौराहे पर खड़े हवालदार ताम्बे का वो बड़ा वाला मस्सा

येहाँ सबकी अकल में और सबकी शकल में

उम्मीद से देखते हुए उस कल में और इस भागते हुए पल में

जीतोड़ मेहनत के फल में

और पानी से सूखा बेचारे मुनिसिपलिटी के नल में

दिखता है ये शहर, इस शहर का छाप

दिखता है प्यार और ज़हन में छुपा थोडा सा पाप

दिखता है इस शहर की तेज़ी, इस शहर की रफ़्तार

दिखते हैं कई आम आदमी और कुछ अवतार

पैसा भी दिखता है और प्यार भी दिखता है

इस रोज़ मर्रा की ज़िन्दगी में कई रास्ता बार-बार भी दिखता है

हर शहर की तरह सुबह भी दिखती है और दिखती है रात भी

पर कुछ कोनो में फिल्मी सितारें और कोशिश की बरात भी

येहाँ भीड़ है फिर भी इलाज सूनेपन का नहीं

लम्बी इमारतें हैं, पर नामोनिशान आँगन का नहीं

दूरियां हैं पर तन्हाईयों का काम नहीं

घर तो फिर भी मिल जाता है यहाँ पर पडोसी का नाम नहीं

यहाँ सबको पाना है, सबको कमाना है

नापसंद कर के भी सबको यहीं रुक जाना है

सड़क की खड्डों को कोसना है और कभी उन पे ही हँसना है,

कभी उसी सड़क के कोने में खड़े होके छुपके से रोना है

क्यूंकि ऐसे ना धड़कता किसी और शहर का गली चौपारा

वो मरीन ड्राइव पे चलना और फलोरा फाउन्टेन का फव्वारा

ना ट्रेन के धक्के खाके रोज़ ऑफिस आना

ना ऑटो-वाले की खिट-पिट और ना टेक्सी-वाले का बहाना

बैठ के सोचो तो सब बुरा है फिर भी कुछ तो अच्चा है

अभी भी यहाँ लोगों के दिल में कुछ तो सच्चा है

बदमाश है पाटिल, पर प्यारा उसका बच्चा है

अमीरों की भीड़ में गरीब यहाँ भी कच्चा है

कई हैं खामियां, रोज़ कमियाँ हैं नई

गन्दगी, धूल, मिट्टी है पर मिट्टी की खुशबू हैं कई

अँधेरी से चेम्बूर, या जाओ कोलाबा से पोवाई

हर वक़्त एक नया ही अहसास दिलाये, ये शहर है मुंबई

Kindly Note: This poem has been written by Promit Mukherjee, from DNA Money, one of the most kickass writer i know :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reliance Cementation puts first step forward, enters into LOI with European companies

Reliance Cementation Private Limited (RCPL), the cement arm of Anil Ambani promoted Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADA), has put its first step forward to put its cement plant in place.
An official close to the development says, “Reliance Cementation has issued letter of intent (LoI's) for equipments for its Satna I unit in Madhya Pradesh. The LoI has been issued to European engineering majors Polysius, FL Smidth and Loesche.”
The European majors stole the show from Chinese equipment players as the price differential is not more than 5 per cent for European companies and also European insurance agencies charge 5 per cent of the debt raised as fees whereas the nodal insurance agency in China charges 7-8 per cent of debt raised.
RCPL, is at present a wholly owned subsidiary of reliance Infrastructure. The LoI has been signed for the Satna I unit where it has plans to put up a capacity of 5.08 million tonne per annum (mtpa) manufacturing unit. It has planned a clinker capacity of approximately of 3.6 mtpa. The game plan includes an integrated unit at Maihar, a blending unit at Gondavli and a grinding unit at Kundangang in Madhya Pradesh.
The source further says, “ A part of the site has received environmental clearance where work would start first and they have received Terms of Reference (ToR) clearance for the final stage. ToR is the first level of clearance from the environmental ministry before it gives the final nod for the project.”
Since the inception of the company in 2007, it has not yet placed any order for construction of cement units. The company has been focusing on setting up of two 5 million tonne (mt) greenfield plants in Mukutban in Maharashtra and in Maihar in Madhya Pradesh. The company website says that a grinding unit at Butibori, Maharashtra will be the first operational unit from the company's stable with an initial capacity of 0.6 mtpa. According to RCPL, this unit is slated for commissioning in March-April, 2012.
However the source adds, “Though the company has been saying the Butibori capacity will come first they have not placed any order for the same. So it would be difficult to say which one would come first. As of now they have just signed LoI, the final contract would be signed soon for the same.”
The first move from the company has come after joining of Sumit Banerjee, the erstwhile chief executive officer (CEO) of ACC cements. It is also looking at inorganic expansion and is in talks with Andhra Pradesh based Sree JayaJyothi Cements (SJJC). The group had an ambitious plan of setting up manufacturing plant of 50 mtpa capacity by both organic and inorganic route.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Okay it is 4.18 am, i mean i used to be awake so late on those days when i used to catch those early morning flights, and those immigration guys would grope you with so many questions when you are literallly walking in your sleep in the airport.
There came a point last year when I started dreading boarding flights, i wouldnt take the window seat after a series of heavy turbulent hit flights , going to Bangalore ain't easy, neither it is to any other south-eastern ports. Neway there are some moments in our flights or airports which stay with us for a long time, some which help us change our perception towards people, at times life, some which makes us see newer side of us.
One of the best moments of my life was to sleep over at Hannover airport at Germany, a small town which is called the exhibition city of Germany. They are not connected with any international flights to India, so basically one has to catch a flight to either Munich or Frankfurt before they can think of Mumbai. So here I was after a go see of one of the most history rich city in the world, Berlin, that too all alone and making my way to Hannover Flughafen(airport). I searched for hotels and the beautidul lady at the reception of the Maritime hotel, the hotel next door to the airport was charging me 115 euros for 6 hours. Alas, there is some marwari-ness in me that wakes up whenever I am out of country and my calculator runs faster than my thoughts. No way on this planet would i pay Rs 6900 for a room, though i had a booking in a hostel i couldn't manage to find it and the fact that I really couldnt have paid for a business class ticket for Lufthansa if i over slept made sure that i stayed back at the airport.
As a business class passenger you can always enter an airport 24 hours prior to the flight, now does everyone know that? I do. So i stepped in at Hannover at 10 pm and entered the airport with my hughe backpack which was loaded with loads of candy packets, wine bottles, a bottle of water, clothes and hordes of files and notebooks. I felt every eye on that airport was on me because i was the only one seated on the departure terminal. Just to make myself feel comfortable I went and sat at the arrival terminal and i saw last three flights coming in till 2 am, thats when the last flight comes in and the airport entirely shuts its operations. Trust me i havent seen a sight like that, entire family came to pick up their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, gf's coming to pick their bf's and friends coming along, at 2 am..dozed in sleep but people came in hordes. Not a single passenger, mark my word not a single soul left his sole alone.
Everyone came hugged, kissed, those bright and broad smiles, i couldnt stop but tell myself , what a moron you are, which world do we live in , nobody ever comes to either drop me or pick me. Yah my mom does, Neha did and yes of course Sree does at times. I think he is the only person who takes so much pain for his friends, we are talking about a different breed here. Rest, naah never.
And finally after checking around the entire hannover airport, all emergency exit maps, all the different washrooms, the confectionary store, the swaroski store, and what not i was so hungry i ate the rest two pizza bites left over which i had bought in the morning and slept off.
It was like exactly a scene outta movie, I heard commotion some random jewish words, the noise of the wooden card plates changing every second, those wooden planks which shows flight details, the ones which were used ages back in Mumbai airport, I had seen them as a kid. A woman pushed my bag off the chair to sit and i looked at my watch it was 5 am. I ran, checked in and jumped to the other corner of the airport , it was heaven--the business lounge, i had my oats and milk, lots of facebook, got ready, boarded the flight and reached Munich, again shopped got into my seat took a deep breath, had a glass of french wine and a movie on my screen, and I was ready to fly to Mumbai....the dream run was over!
Also, you can sneak in matchboxes in your handbag, wont tell you the secret though!!! No i didn't sneak in.Honestly!
Dont forget to tell me your experience, m listening!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brand Mamata

Okie, Why I am writing this blog, because nothing else is making sense to me at this given point in time. This is a mere imagination and utter fiction so please don't land up at my door trying to break things, i have just started doing my home décor and trust me its expensive, so please don't come along to break anything, in case you want to sit on a “dharna” on my land parcel please feel free to do so, because my guard is on leave.

The topic here is the present chief minister of West Bengal, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, no neither did I vote for TMC or CPM, because i didn't want to be kicked by anyone, On her first day of service to the state, declared contribution of Rs 1 crore, that she raised by selling her paintings and would go to the state mini-fund.

Then dimag mey laddo futaa....and here are a few advertising campaign ideas that came to my peanut size brain. The land of joy is in a terrible condition when it comes to its finances, and it has a debt burden of whopping Rs 2lac crore, though a contribution of Rs 1 crore is well appreciated, a lot more could be brought in by Ms. Banerjee, herez how-

Glucon D—Tan ki shakti man ki shakti, Glucon D- The hurricane manner with which she works, the only thing people discuss in train, bus and “parar adda” (local gossip) is where she gets so much energy from? So a five year contract can easily fetch a few more crores.
My aunt actually expects me to ask her what does she eat or drink as supplements to gather that form and she calls me every second week to seek the answer. Trust me i really i want to be a journalist in Kolkata.

Ajanta Hawai- Didi, as commonly known dosen't wear any other footwear than “Hawai Chappals”, that is slippers. And she wears Ajanta Hawai's so I am sure, when every three person in four voted for Maa, mati and Manush (Mother, Soil and People's government), they will easily follow her brand of chappals. It could be considered for a long tenure contract, double digit crores!!!

Now my imagination is running too wild, so next is the sarees that she wears for her daily use. The sarees are from Dhonekhali, a small town in Nadia, which can easily be propagated as the next textile hub, though it is nothing in comparison to Tirupur, but wouldn't there be lakhs of women working on the Mati (soil-reference to farmers and small shop owners) who would love to adorn the sarees that their brand ambassador carries off! I can already see the pink notes!!!

She might have kicked Ratan Tata out, but she dosen't have any grudges against Hyundai. The first woman chief minister of West Bengal, now a days drives around in a Hyundai i10, remember the one Shah Rukh Khan advertises. In west bengal, nothing sells more than Mamata these days, i can very well feel that our finances are already on its recovery curve...

Rest, i-Phone and all, isn't that just too obvious that industrialists are showering their love and respect adequately and a little more philanthrophy wouldn't hurt us, ain't it?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

u and me!

It dosen't matter what i feel,
It dosen't matter even if I kneel,
Kneel for you my love,
you don't even know that i exist
for you i am just another miss fix it,
you wouldn't even open your eyes and see
what goes in my heart when you are closer to me
why don't you open your heart and feel
love is all i can give
being with you changes the meaning of my life,
but you would never ever realise,
coz you are closed, closed on me.
I wish I could change and hop on a new journey
just you and me!!!

PS: This is the most shittiest piece i have ever written. kindly refrain from reading it and dont even think commenting about it. Thank You.

The green-the money

I am the green,
I am one's life-screen,
I decide who gets what
it did be happiness or grief,
I decide what you choose
coz without me you aint nothing
but just a big sore lose.
You wouldnt ever go high up
coz i decide who climbs up
I am the power, I am the decree
I enforce the limits of Humanity
I am not just money
I am the one who decides your destiny
a fallacy or success whatever it be!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Distinct Discord

What happens when you counter what you have dreaded the most
and you had been happy that it hasn't yet come across
and when it smashes on your face and you are stunned with a sense of displace
you knew it did be coming but you still hoped it ain't you
you knew its not in your hands but still you thought
even more than a mere thought you had a hope, a wish,a pray, an appeal
with an unabated breath,
that atleast this time its yours only your's wish.
Weren't you just a fool to think that things would change
hadn't you been through this trail?
treading the same road once again, trying to conquer your indelectable fate
through a rhapsody of thoughts and memories.
And now when its gone,
you want to scream in pain, loud aloud to tear apart your vein
let those tears drain, drench you in your solitary lane
yet when you walk across you wear that mask again,
a smile for the world , a cheer and a joy of life,
unmasking is not your game, so here we stand and walk again through a new lane
and hope our fate never meet the same plight again!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Absolute Obsolete

You wouldn't find my trace,
you wouldn't remember my face,
Things have changed so fast
Life aint nothing but obsolete with a patch of past.
If you were to even understand where I stand,
it would be miles before you can grab my hand
Things move so fast in here
even before you realise i will be gone from here.
Sanity is begging for help
while I look around i find despair
there ain't any hope to see things fall in place
everything is just simmering apart with a cut deep down
which will bleed without any death noun.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Purani jeans aur kuch yaar!

I am continuing with the same tagline as our photo album so that everyone is still connected!!!
Its 11.30 am Pooja Sarkar is in a press conference pestering Adi Godrej to accept there is a slowdown in the Mumbai realty market. At the same time, Sophie is sitting on the third floor of TCS building trying to brain storm but has metro mall pictures open on her mobile-FB in Vikhroli.
Anjuri is sighing at the traffic while sitting on the bus on her way to Seepz, Andheri liking the pics of the reunion, and priyanka is zooming around in Ulhasnagar in her scooty with a tinge of smile on her face. and of course Ankit is going mad planning for the next get together already!
I have always felt that nostalgia is not just a word to remind old things, but an emotion, which gives you goose bumps, joy, a genuine smile on your face, a thought process with a clean heart as it used to be in those days and many memories which are either good or bad.
The reunion made us all nostalgic about our white and blue combo days but the question here was next is what!
Because after most reunions people either forget to catch up or they just keep talking about the same thing for ages, but noone wants to move from their comfort zones, which they have built since they left school. The thought of adulterated boring daily lives which needs a shake up, is always sent to the recycle bin. Thus when everyone agreed to come for a day’s picnic honestly I was astonished. But friends came and not just one or two but in forces!!! So we set out for Akshi Beach, 4 kms ahead of Alibaug on March 13, 2011.
But before we set sail, we spent the entire week fighting , cancelling and replanning every night at 10.30pm on conference calls, no one ever replied to my mails and of course random short hand msgs. The whole planning was more about bonding than actually making any sense. The place never mattered neither the thought of what we will do on a beach under the scorching sun, what mattered was if everyone is in it together or not!
People who walked that extra mile to be on the ferry were Priyanka, Sophie,Anjuri, Ankit, Amit, Abhishek , and of course Me!
The trip started on a note where I was running late for half an hour as I had boarded a Virar local and reached Bhayander than come towards Churchgate, so did gaonwallas missed their 7.18 local ;)
As we hopped on the ferry and made ourselves comfortable on the upper deck, the ticket checker on the ferry threw us out and then we boarded the next one, and it was literally whattay fun! Like kids we jumped on the best front seats and played Dum-sharaz, actually it should be rechristened Dumb-Shoraz because the boys were dumb as they couldn’t enact a single movie properly and girls made so much Shor as they won every round!!!
As soon as we reached Mandwa Jetty from Gateway of India, the discussion on return ticket started and finally we fixed for 6.30pm, literally like “na teri na meri” (bwahaha) and we boarded the 8 seater tempo for Akshi!!!
Songs followed and then dedications, I and Pri dedicated songs and here are they…people please be ready for a good round of laughter----
For Abhishek -Kitabein bahut si padhi hogi tumney magar koi chehra bhi pada hoga...
Ankit -i just cant remember....
Amit-Pocket mey rocket hai rocket mey.....salesman of the year ;)
Anjuri-Leharake balkhakey, balkhakey sharmakey, dilon ko jalakey, tu hai ek Sharara!!!
Sofu- Gumsum ho kyun paas aao na, ruthey ho kyun tum batao na (half of it is home production)
Priyanka: Dill diya hai jaan bhi dengey aye doctor terey liyee...
As the tempo stopped we were suddenly standing amidst a tract of coconut trees and a minutes walk and hot water was gushing beneath our feet. and hordes of little crabs making their holes. Oh and of course the cribmaster Amit started his session once again , “Its so hot out here” I am sure we heard this line a minimum of 50 times during the course of the day!
As we were walking towards the beach I couldn’t control my excitement and screamed jet skiing!!!! the water sports owner over heard us and came to negotiate and finally we decided to do jet ski and banana ride.
Priyanka was more eager to sit and get pictures clicked to put them for her college friends’ perusal, sophie was super scared to even see that ski boat. I am sure it was a first for you guys and everyone had a rocking time on it. The instructor was superbly efficient and did some nerve whacking tilts I thought I am gonna fall once, but naah he was super dude man!As I came out of water to keep a check on the bags everyone went for banana ride and then too far in the sea. There came a time when I could not see anyone anymore and I was so scared that the moment I saw Ankit and Amit I screamed like mad and within five minutes everyone was at the shore….u guys are scared of me haan!!!… But the best part was the food, Gosh we were so hungry that we went to Alibaug for lunch. And the Chichken Bhuna was amazing…my mouth is still watering. The waiter at the hotel was very cordial he apologised for having to hurry up as the kitchen was closing. also Saxena ma’m had sent alu paratha and I gulped half of it all alone, it ws sooo tasty! Then we went to Alibaug beach and seriously it was super hot so we came back to mandwa jetty.
While getting down from the tempo I had rechecked if we have left something or not, and yes five minutes on the walk and Pri realises her mobile isn’t there. The tempo wala came again and gave it back. And finally after a lot of foto shoots we boarded the Apollo catamaran back at 6.30pm, which would take us to Mumbai in 50 minutes. But 15 minutes on the go and our ferry’s engine gave up its life and we were floating in the midst of the sea. A mechanic was brought by the coast guard but nothing worked and the smell from the engine was too scary for me to face. I thought this is the end and because of me six more are at stake…what a foolish decision to take to come by water, should have listened to V and have got us in a car…in another half an hour another ferry came which was tied and we reached shore at 8.45pm and everyone hurried for the Karjat local yeeppyyyy….. and then we bid adieu.
But before bidding adieu and gasping the fact that whether we will reach the shore on time or not, we already made the plan for next is what and it is to “Go GOA”… ladies and gentlemen watch out your calendar we are not done yet!!!!get your swim suits in place and say goodbye to bulges as we will set Goa ablaze with our evermore madness!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

To womanhood!

Born in the alleys of mama’s love and wrapped around her lovely daddy,
she walks around the house looking for her best friend Barbie,
later as she runs around the play ground she polishes her bakery skills
mamma realises she has become to old to be at this place
and thus she walks off to a new address
nagging you to the breakfast table and feeding you with love and thee
passing swiftly through the market bargaining to save every penny
so that she gets you the best gift on your anniversary!
caressing your heart and blossoming her career
she still walks alone to manage the worlds with so much glee
with that tinkle on her face and beautiful smile forever be!!!

Proud to be a woman!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I found these two pictures :)

School Chaley Hum!

Hip Hip Hurray!

Hip Hip Hurray, the television serial which used to run in 1996 and 1999 directed by Nupur Asthana, was the cult show for school kids. Sunday February 20, when eight school friends met, it was not only about being nostalgic but also being those whacko kids we were in our school days at Kendriya Vidyalaya Ambarnath, the school situated in the lush green armory of ordnance estate.
After we left school we hardly ever met and thanks to facebook and orkut we atleast knew what the other looks like, their adventures and escapades alike, everything is just a click away, but the joy of actually being together was never in our cards. So we decided to meet, but due to our daily grind we weren't expecting anything great out of it. But those who joined were Sophia Jeykumar (Sophie), Priyanka Singh, Anjuri Sinha, Pooja Sarkar (moi),Vijesh Nair, Ankit Saxena, Sunej Varghese and Gulshan Barman. And boy did we have fun?i think its a question best answered in the smiles which still lingers on our faces even after two days.

The venue: Food court, Metro Mall

Time: Forever late

Excuses: We'll be their in 2 mins
Okay I am going to write this as we used to have time table in our classes from 9am-3pm with 8 periods and an interval, any objection is not entertained and negative feedback would be rusticated. :P ...comments heartily welcome :)

What did we learn:

I Period: Vijesh knows who is the father of homeopathy- Horni Samuel. According to Vijesh, he had read a piece on general knowledge where father of nine subjects were written about, he dosen't remember any other, how? please don't ask. We rest the case here.

II Period: Ankit and his hunger which never suffices. He ate the most, where does all the food and booze go in his system I have an entire questionnaire which needs to be answered. I think he wouldn't have offered the french fries if we (Me and Priyanka) wouldn have taken his case at length.

III Period: Though its actually not the third but one topic which lingered on from the first meeting till we left, Pooja, you're so Fat! God as if I don't have a mirror to see for the last three years that I am fat. :P But I seriously enjoyed looking at everyone's reactions, I never knew being fat could get you so much attention. :D

IV Period: Sophie and her watch. Why Sophie why do you have a watch? First she comes late, she tells she is almost entering the mall and takes half and hour to reach the food court and as the clock ticks to 5pm she is ready to leave. Though I know its because of Ankit you all were late. Sophie is one person who speaks the least and yet her silence speaks volumes about her, the calmness in it is so assuring.

V Period: Remember we used to have same subjects twice in a day, as same Ankit couldn't stop hiding his excitement by seeing so many games around. So we decided to go for car dashing. Apart from me as everyone entered the rink I was standing with my phone clicking video. How all these 24 year olds were acting like 2+4 ones.
Then we played Air Hockey, that is the only game that I thought I could win but alas I was playing against a pro called Vijesh, who was in a form as if its a competition and he would win a medal from the principal. I lost 8-2. But there was a saving grace, Priyanka came to rescue me and I put the scoreboard at 8-7 yeppy!

Interval : Photo session, I just didn't get it how people can click blur pictures from their own cameras? Answer Sunej! Priyanka you also have an opportunity to justify! ;)

VI Period: After the loss, we were still so super thrilled to let our nerves relax that we again went for car dashing and this time I too went. As I sat in the driver's seat and Priyanka next to me, we dashed and got dashed the most, the end scene being three of them dashing our car from three angles. Anjuri had the best last option for us, jumping on the infant kids plastic houses, how just how could I even stand on that is my question, wouldn't it burst apart!

VII Period: Sunej, Sophie and Priyanka left due to their prior commitments and we five were left to fend on our own. With Rs 20 on our gaming card and every game costing more than Rs 30 we decided to leave. And as we reached every turn or came down every floor we stood for another 15mins each and reminisced our school days, how section C was divided till third standard. How sometimes a batch was asked to divide themselves between two sections and three students had to adjust and those stares would follow which said, “There is no space here”, the teachers would be different, the subject books would differ for the day. The Hitler (Ravi Shankar sir).

VIII Period: We finally decided to leave, but not to our homes but for school, hopping on the bike me, Vijesh, Ankit and Anjuri came to school, saw our old homes in dilapidated situation at Type III, the Bangali Sangh Kali Mandir, the water tank (isn't it?), Little Angel school where we went as infants, finally halting under the banyan tree near the canara bank. For Vijesh, ordnance darshan ends here.
And then we bid adieu, but I am sure everyone left home with much more than what they imagined while stepping on the mall, more energy, more fun and we all had the same words, “ Wish we had met earlier”.
With a hope to meet again the background score rolls ye dosti badi hi haseen hain and I finish my writeup! Asta-la-vista!

Takeaway: Joy and sheer fun of being those same kids running around in white shirts and blue skirts/pants in the playground!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mumbai-Taxiwalla ki Zubani

Its 8.45 pm, we are getting late for Nikita's birth day dinner, with the daily grind of life and dead lines to meet not only in office but also in hostel, life is always about walking with the clock. We finally get a new Wagon R taxi, and I sit in front as usual and Nikku and Nidhi hop in the back and we three start chatting about the latest Deol clan release, called Yamla Pagla Dewana, and I opine that its going to be one of those slap stick comedies and even though Nikku went on to press the point that its something she wants to watch, our taxi0-wala jumped in the conversation wagon saying the fourth Deol is coming now, Sunny's son and then began an amazing ride towards VT via some wrong lanes, and we were so engrossed in his conversation that we missed pizza hut twice.
The taxi wala introduces hinself as Shambhu Pandit Thakur, “Hum brahmin hai”, a brahim by caste with four sisters and four brothers, a wife, 26 year old who is ten years younger than him and a son and a daughter who stay in Muzzafarpur, Bihar, his home town. Apart from being a day corporate car driver, he drives taxi to earn those extra penny.
As I am intrigued to know about a taxi wala's life more, Thakur takes me down his life stories, he presently lives in a one room kitchen in a shanty in Colaba, he left his studies when his parents died sixteen years back during his matriculation and he landed in the then “Bombay”, the city of dreams to earn for his entire family. His elder brother works for the government in Bihar, his second brother is a permanent road contractor with the municipal corporation in Jharkhand and his younger brother has a joint business with one of his brother in laws of leather. He and his three brothers helped get his sisters married in rich families, where he says he never visits as he is not of their ranks.

Thakur says, “I had responsibilities and I could have bought a home from the money I spent on their weddings but its fine, now I am earning for my family. Infact my wife had come here but within a month she pestered me so much that I had to send her back.”
Then he talks about the cars he has driven in the swanky South Mumbai and how owners don't pay anything more than Rs 6000-8000 per month whereas they would pay more than Rs 60 lakhs to crore or two for the cars, Thakur says, “can you see that its a BMW Li 320, I have driven from Mercedes S class to BMW to Honda civic, I have worked at Sobha De's place also. But I quit her job when she took Raj Thackrey's side, she is a Maharashtrian married to a Bengali, she has one servant from Kerala one from Bihar and another Maharashtrian. When I told her madam what you said is not correct she told me Shambhu bahar alag dikhana padhta hai, thats when I left her job. Yahan majduron ka shoshan hota hai.”

After that now I am working for a corporate guy he is a lech, an aunt and cousin of that guy was in town for match making and the girl was very nice she is studying engineering or MBA in Orissa, but the groom's side said they will need time to get back, so the mother was crying all the way to the airport. I stopped at Prabhadevi at a restaurant and told her, , “madam, aapkey beti key paas jo sanskar hai, who mumbai mey nah chalta, yahan jo daru nahi piye, raat bhar club na jaye toh compatible partner nahi kaha jata, aapki beti bahut achi hai is kachrey mey na bhejey”
By now I realised that I missed the lane of Sterling and we are back again at Fort, then he adds, you all are not from Mumbai, because they don't talk to taxiwallas, they live in different planet altogether.
Then I started grilling him about the money that he earns while driving taxi at night, and he says, even though I am not feeling well, I thought of driving today as I need it but I will wrap up early today. Its a 50:50 profit sharing between the taxi owner and the driver. Each taxi is given to a driver for 12 hours and he has to fuel the car for around Rs 500 in a day, and after that some rs 1200 is still left which is then divided. The taxi owner also fuels the car most of the times.