Sunday, August 14, 2011

You broke my heart

You broke my heart, slithered it apart
you thought its fine, you didn't give a dime.
you thought its fine to walk on that path, never bothering to look back.
you let me cry all by, you didnt even check where was I
Love did me in, looked like a sin.
you didnt even care to find my trace
left me to fend for my own sense
I walked under the sun looking hard for a shade with all those burn
walked hard on with the rain, looking for a light to drain
Its all disdaine as i stand alone with this pain,
with a broken heart and memories uncanned.

PS-these are lyrics that i write...


Life said...

Baap re.. bhavnaayon ka itna uthal puthal. Something u felt!!

Sankoobaba said...

It is said that our saddest thoughts are sometimes more poetic and touching