Tuesday, April 26, 2011

u and me!

It dosen't matter what i feel,
It dosen't matter even if I kneel,
Kneel for you my love,
you don't even know that i exist
for you i am just another miss fix it,
you wouldn't even open your eyes and see
what goes in my heart when you are closer to me
why don't you open your heart and feel
love is all i can give
being with you changes the meaning of my life,
but you would never ever realise,
coz you are closed, closed on me.
I wish I could change and hop on a new journey
just you and me!!!

PS: This is the most shittiest piece i have ever written. kindly refrain from reading it and dont even think commenting about it. Thank You.


Sankoobaba said...

its not that bad..

Sankoobaba said...

a bit cheesy thats all

Vijesh said...

I second you pooja :)

raregenome said...

i told u guys don read

Vivek said...

ki bhalo kobita likhchish tumee