Sunday, August 14, 2011

take my bow

You rotten dud, you broke my heart
you spoiled brat , drugged rat,
I dont care what you say anymore,
your time is up now don even bore
pack ya' bags and set ya' foot up
u dont belong to this door
its closed for you, forever and more...
I dont need you anymore,
your calls bug me and chats are gore
you seriously should walk out that door
it never matters what you say after the credits roll
what stays is what you did while you walked along
you broke the headlights bang on
now you are crushed beneath your soul
aint no forgiveness that can fill that hole
you messed it big time you little mole
now game is up and move ur arse through the door.


Life said...

Kya hai ye.. itni gaaliyaan to koi bhi deserve nahi karta!!

Sankoobaba said...

I know its supposed to be about hurtful stuff.. But the choice of words is absolutely hilarious a good way... Drugged rat etc
Short and hard hitting