Monday, March 7, 2011

To womanhood!

Born in the alleys of mama’s love and wrapped around her lovely daddy,
she walks around the house looking for her best friend Barbie,
later as she runs around the play ground she polishes her bakery skills
mamma realises she has become to old to be at this place
and thus she walks off to a new address
nagging you to the breakfast table and feeding you with love and thee
passing swiftly through the market bargaining to save every penny
so that she gets you the best gift on your anniversary!
caressing your heart and blossoming her career
she still walks alone to manage the worlds with so much glee
with that tinkle on her face and beautiful smile forever be!!!

Proud to be a woman!!!


AnksS said...

mast hai yaar ... blogging ka pata tha but poet ...!!! bole to fatang !!!

Sankoobaba said...

nice.. a women's journey in so few words.. yet doesnt miss the importance of each step ..
touches my heart..
good one..and happy womens day..

PRIYANKA said...

thts Beautifully written Pooja....
Keep Smiling:)

Pooja said...

Thanks everyone