Tuesday, February 22, 2011

School Chaley Hum!

Hip Hip Hurray!

Hip Hip Hurray, the television serial which used to run in 1996 and 1999 directed by Nupur Asthana, was the cult show for school kids. Sunday February 20, when eight school friends met, it was not only about being nostalgic but also being those whacko kids we were in our school days at Kendriya Vidyalaya Ambarnath, the school situated in the lush green armory of ordnance estate.
After we left school we hardly ever met and thanks to facebook and orkut we atleast knew what the other looks like, their adventures and escapades alike, everything is just a click away, but the joy of actually being together was never in our cards. So we decided to meet, but due to our daily grind we weren't expecting anything great out of it. But those who joined were Sophia Jeykumar (Sophie), Priyanka Singh, Anjuri Sinha, Pooja Sarkar (moi),Vijesh Nair, Ankit Saxena, Sunej Varghese and Gulshan Barman. And boy did we have fun?i think its a question best answered in the smiles which still lingers on our faces even after two days.

The venue: Food court, Metro Mall

Time: Forever late

Excuses: We'll be their in 2 mins
Okay I am going to write this as we used to have time table in our classes from 9am-3pm with 8 periods and an interval, any objection is not entertained and negative feedback would be rusticated. :P ...comments heartily welcome :)

What did we learn:

I Period: Vijesh knows who is the father of homeopathy- Horni Samuel. According to Vijesh, he had read a piece on general knowledge where father of nine subjects were written about, he dosen't remember any other, how? please don't ask. We rest the case here.

II Period: Ankit and his hunger which never suffices. He ate the most, where does all the food and booze go in his system I have an entire questionnaire which needs to be answered. I think he wouldn't have offered the french fries if we (Me and Priyanka) wouldn have taken his case at length.

III Period: Though its actually not the third but one topic which lingered on from the first meeting till we left, Pooja, you're so Fat! God as if I don't have a mirror to see for the last three years that I am fat. :P But I seriously enjoyed looking at everyone's reactions, I never knew being fat could get you so much attention. :D

IV Period: Sophie and her watch. Why Sophie why do you have a watch? First she comes late, she tells she is almost entering the mall and takes half and hour to reach the food court and as the clock ticks to 5pm she is ready to leave. Though I know its because of Ankit you all were late. Sophie is one person who speaks the least and yet her silence speaks volumes about her, the calmness in it is so assuring.

V Period: Remember we used to have same subjects twice in a day, as same Ankit couldn't stop hiding his excitement by seeing so many games around. So we decided to go for car dashing. Apart from me as everyone entered the rink I was standing with my phone clicking video. How all these 24 year olds were acting like 2+4 ones.
Then we played Air Hockey, that is the only game that I thought I could win but alas I was playing against a pro called Vijesh, who was in a form as if its a competition and he would win a medal from the principal. I lost 8-2. But there was a saving grace, Priyanka came to rescue me and I put the scoreboard at 8-7 yeppy!

Interval : Photo session, I just didn't get it how people can click blur pictures from their own cameras? Answer Sunej! Priyanka you also have an opportunity to justify! ;)

VI Period: After the loss, we were still so super thrilled to let our nerves relax that we again went for car dashing and this time I too went. As I sat in the driver's seat and Priyanka next to me, we dashed and got dashed the most, the end scene being three of them dashing our car from three angles. Anjuri had the best last option for us, jumping on the infant kids plastic houses, how just how could I even stand on that is my question, wouldn't it burst apart!

VII Period: Sunej, Sophie and Priyanka left due to their prior commitments and we five were left to fend on our own. With Rs 20 on our gaming card and every game costing more than Rs 30 we decided to leave. And as we reached every turn or came down every floor we stood for another 15mins each and reminisced our school days, how section C was divided till third standard. How sometimes a batch was asked to divide themselves between two sections and three students had to adjust and those stares would follow which said, “There is no space here”, the teachers would be different, the subject books would differ for the day. The Hitler (Ravi Shankar sir).

VIII Period: We finally decided to leave, but not to our homes but for school, hopping on the bike me, Vijesh, Ankit and Anjuri came to school, saw our old homes in dilapidated situation at Type III, the Bangali Sangh Kali Mandir, the water tank (isn't it?), Little Angel school where we went as infants, finally halting under the banyan tree near the canara bank. For Vijesh, ordnance darshan ends here.
And then we bid adieu, but I am sure everyone left home with much more than what they imagined while stepping on the mall, more energy, more fun and we all had the same words, “ Wish we had met earlier”.
With a hope to meet again the background score rolls ye dosti badi hi haseen hain and I finish my writeup! Asta-la-vista!

Takeaway: Joy and sheer fun of being those same kids running around in white shirts and blue skirts/pants in the playground!


AnksS said...

nice written and scripted ... you actually captured most of the fun we had ... well trip to our school was fantastic ... from kalyan to ambernath with lots of traffic and you sitting behind vijesh, you know one should have clicked your snap at that time ... next time we ll meet and let it be unplanned coz plan never executed in our get-together ..

PRIYANKA said...

And the Award for best Best Journalist/Reporter goes to.......................
superb written dear...sorry dat j/r difference dunno so both to u......
the day ws awesome:)nd those who dnt knw Pooja has redused 10kg if m nt mistaken,so b happy poo u will soon catch attention for dat too...n Vijesh ur answer s still awaited...
have fun tekcare...
keep smiling it suits u:)

Sankoobaba said...

you have very good narration..
it never gets boring..
and now I regret not being able to go to my school reunion due to fever..

Pooja said...

@Ankz: Thank you so much, i wasnt scared sitting behined Vijesh but had it been u i wud hav definitely fell off d scooty. Chalo next time i will ride the scooty you sit behined ;)

@Priyanka: thank u thanku..anyway m a senior correspondent, n dey all r d same. Vijesh is not answering which confirms our thoughts :) u too tc it was amazing to gang up with you and take the cases :D

@sanket:thank u so much, u always encourage my writing.