Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Angel...

You came as an angel and changed my life
You gave me a reason to smile and survive.
You came for my rescue when I was all alone
Sitting by the shore of loneliness and sorrow
You loved me and accelerated my strength
You held me tight without any questions
I will always cherish these memories
Till the end of my life.
I don’t know whether you are in love or not
But my heart will always wait for you.
You are my reason to dream
To hope for the sky and fly high without any worry
Because I know whenever I will fall you will be their to hold me tight
You will be there sitting by my side holding my hand
Saying “I’m there”
And that’s what keeps me going even through the toughest times.
The smile on my face is a gift of yours
I just wish if you could be mine, you are my angel
My guiding star, I love you and that’s all do I know
I want to be with you till the end that’s all I know.

I was cleaning my disc space and suddenly saw this poem which i had written for someone whom i loved very dearly. I used to wonder how one can fall in love while chatting journey was also same..first on orkut then yahoo messenger then fonecalls follwed by meetings, movies and lots of movies then finally the day before i bid adieu i was dancing with him in a disc(My first Disc Experience...)!!!
Life is strange and out of nowhere you meet people who become your close confidants and then somewhere we lose them. its like the more we try to close our palms filled with sand the more it falls out, the more we become possesive and fall head over heels for someone the more outbursting the individual becomes. May be its for the better that we said goodbye to each other but yes when sometimes i do those similar things which we did together..studying, watching movies and other stuff, we tend to become nostalgic. some memories are well forgotten and some give us pains but may be i treat life in a different manner because i cherish the good memories of my life...people say love is blind and i had become blind..but now with eyes wide open..when i look back i can't stop laughing at myself and say, "Oh S**t! it was me!! Pooja Sarkar!![:0]..who did that?"hehe[:)]
Life moves on and it is better that we move but not with angst or pain, irrtation or frustration but with forgiveness(even if the person is not seeking!!) and happiness. Abhoring the idea of degrading the person, cherish the good memories and yes then life surely stands tall.
life is all about burgeoning enthusiatically in a positive manner and i am glad i didnt fall back not even for a day!!!
Moral of the story: Love yourself then only would someone love you, nobody can put a smile on ur face only YOU can if you want and yes dont hold anyone because memories can be stacked in our conscience but not human beings[:)]....and live life as nobody is going to hold you bcoz if then someone holds you it feels great!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mumbai Moments:Rail Tale

Mumbai's Lifeline:Railways
Passengers Fun Quotient: Daily Shows(Fights..hehehe)

From a far flung place like Khopoli to Panvel to kasara to Bhayander, railways' reach is diverse yet it takes people from one destination to other succesfully.
I have been travelling in a local train to go to junior college, then degree college and now to office. As the destinations for my colleges strecthed its limits my journeys also became longer. From a town called Ambarnath toVidyaVihar to MarineLines the travel never seemed to be easier but these locals tried to make it possible for me to reach my destinations.
Four years back the trains were not as crowded as they are today and people were not so insane as they have become.
everyday when i travel i can see a "daily show"- what i mean by a daily show is the fight between two ladies(and the onlookers passing their utmost important comments on who was correct!!) for either hanging on the door(most dangerous stunt performed by ladies where five female try to stand on the footboard which is not also five inches wide to keep their feet firmly)
or to get inside the train when a few so called gatekeepers try to stop people from entering the train. Even if the train is not crowded inside they make the bystanders at station feel that the train is overcrowded.

Their are some who start a fight because the girl standing infront of her face has long beautiful/ shiny/oily/dandruf-filled hair which trickles the face who are standingbehined her and makes them feel yucks(i hav also fought in this category).
then their would be some to fight for the fourth seat. Ahha! this is the best one as every passenger loves to comment on this highly debated issue.where, if a fatty person is sitting then the women beside her woud say to the one who is trying to grab the 4th seat, " see can u see any place?tumala jagah kuthey denar?( where do i give u da place)" and then the one who has been standing for more than 20minutes will bomb and say," shift, shift..hamko bhi baithneka hai(even we want to sit)" and there it goes....the big indian female horrible jhagda(Fight) challenge and unless one of the fighter's station arrives the fight will go on and on and on and even if you are a bystander trying to listen to 'Indino' by Pritam on your FM you will be highly disappointed as they would surely include you in the conversation..and u keep on saying only one thing "ata bas jhala!!!( its it now stop it!!!) or "janey do rahney do"(leave it/ forget it) but who forgets whom is the biggest question coz u don't forget neither do you forgive....
the last category which i love to see fight everyday is the one who would stand on the door and block the way even if they dont wish to get down and when you shout at them they will simply ignore you and you feel like pulling off all her hair from her head and say"You Bitch" but ofcourse by the time you pronounce the words you are all away in the crowd running towards your destination to catch another train or get a taxi to your office.
every day in Mumbai a passenger commutes for a minimum 15minutes to maximum3 hours and these fun filled and horribly frustrating situations leads you to think why people are becoming inhumane day by day?why everybody wants to run ahead and lead than calmly stand behined and be a part?
Everyday 3 people die in a train accident?why?sometimes people hanging on the door pick up their call- is a call more important than a life?people hang on the door in flying positions as if he/she is a superwoman or spiderman..i mean why people want to catch the FIRST AVAILABLE train by endangering their life?even i have done this but still i am searching the reason why?Logically if i fall then the urge to reach on time and be punctual doesnt hold any value because u wont be their any more to face the situation, then why not take life a bit easily and treat it with love and respect. Respect Life because thats wat gives us the ability and strength to move why not treat life as we treat our closed ones?why not open our eyes and become mature citizens than hovering around like criminals trying to out do eachother...WHY???????yes railways is at fault because with every year population is increasing but why can't we travellers try to make it an easy journey than a cranky one where unless you blow out the inner frustration you dont feel happy?i need the answer WHY?can anyone be able to provide it?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

LoSt NeW MoBiLe

Yesterday i lost my new mobile which my father gifted me after a long discussion where i was able to convince baba that i am responsible enough to carry a high-end mobile costing ten thousand rupees. For some people around me ten grants is not a big amount but for me it really is. I am not disappointed by the fact that i lost a mobile which i had dreamt of since i joined BMM. as all my friends always carried heavy high end mobiles and i used to wander around carrying a cute, lowpriced mobile. but i am disappointed by the fact that it was a gift my dad gave me . It was put on my lap because he is proud of me, it was the most expensive gift i ever recieved from my parents. they had acknowledged my efforts, the hardships that i braved to be here and stand on my own feet, to be independent without falling on anyone, to grab a job without depending on any contacts. It was a moment where a mother spent one hour browsing through all the fones available in the store so that she can purchase the best one for her daughter. I was so excited about my cel that i spent hours searching for the best caller tones, uploading songs, standing at Ghatkopar station to click fotographs of tracks submerging in the rains, standing in ankle-length deep water to click the eaten-sweetcorn flowing in the speedy waterflow of Ghatkopar west, a cell which drenched itself when i was on bike and it was raining cats an dogs, it has pics of my family...some beautiful moments which i wanted to savour in my pc. It had pics of my frens who desperately wanted those "Sahi" pics on orkut display, and finally the cellphone had all my contact numbers which i will never be able to retrieve.
It was just a mobile but its value not monetarily but moment's(tarily) is invaluable. when i told my parents about the incident meekishly; my dad said, "don't worry ..give me 4-5 months i will buy you the same one...bcoz your mom told me how much excited you were about that cel. dont worry..."
i have never cried for materialistic things but losing possesion of this cel brought tears in my eyes..not because it was a costly gift,for the fact that it was a gift which my dad gave which was his bonus which could have been otherwise utilised well in the savings.
A stupid demand was fulfilled only to bring a smile on my face and i couldnt take care of was not even a week old and its i bought another mobile..from my first salary and the satisfaction which i have i can't express atleast after this sad incidence i didn have to go to my parents and ask for something....M proud of the fact that i have such supportive parents but m sad about the fact that they have such an irresponsible daughter....who when tries hard to treasure something always loses it somewhere....unexpectedly