Tuesday, April 26, 2011

u and me!

It dosen't matter what i feel,
It dosen't matter even if I kneel,
Kneel for you my love,
you don't even know that i exist
for you i am just another miss fix it,
you wouldn't even open your eyes and see
what goes in my heart when you are closer to me
why don't you open your heart and feel
love is all i can give
being with you changes the meaning of my life,
but you would never ever realise,
coz you are closed, closed on me.
I wish I could change and hop on a new journey
just you and me!!!

PS: This is the most shittiest piece i have ever written. kindly refrain from reading it and dont even think commenting about it. Thank You.

The green-the money

I am the green,
I am one's life-screen,
I decide who gets what
it did be happiness or grief,
I decide what you choose
coz without me you aint nothing
but just a big sore lose.
You wouldnt ever go high up
coz i decide who climbs up
I am the power, I am the decree
I enforce the limits of Humanity
I am not just money
I am the one who decides your destiny
a fallacy or success whatever it be!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Distinct Discord

What happens when you counter what you have dreaded the most
and you had been happy that it hasn't yet come across
and when it smashes on your face and you are stunned with a sense of displace
you knew it did be coming but you still hoped it ain't you
you knew its not in your hands but still you thought
even more than a mere thought you had a hope, a wish,a pray, an appeal
with an unabated breath,
that atleast this time its yours only your's wish.
Weren't you just a fool to think that things would change
hadn't you been through this trail?
treading the same road once again, trying to conquer your indelectable fate
through a rhapsody of thoughts and memories.
And now when its gone,
you want to scream in pain, loud aloud to tear apart your vein
let those tears drain, drench you in your solitary lane
yet when you walk across you wear that mask again,
a smile for the world , a cheer and a joy of life,
unmasking is not your game, so here we stand and walk again through a new lane
and hope our fate never meet the same plight again!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Absolute Obsolete

You wouldn't find my trace,
you wouldn't remember my face,
Things have changed so fast
Life aint nothing but obsolete with a patch of past.
If you were to even understand where I stand,
it would be miles before you can grab my hand
Things move so fast in here
even before you realise i will be gone from here.
Sanity is begging for help
while I look around i find despair
there ain't any hope to see things fall in place
everything is just simmering apart with a cut deep down
which will bleed without any death noun.