Friday, December 10, 2010

Gorging Delights

Its been ages that i wrote something interesting, i have been writing some senti stuff for quite sometime now. Okay so after a bad break up either you sob or you eat a lot, what if you eat good stuff!I bet once you eat good stuff, you actually forget that you are going through any tumultuous time....M telling you its here we go, I am gonna write about some good food joints where I love to go and what to stuff your tummy with!
I have discovered these places with my lovely gang of Girlz...For the sheer love of good food on sundayz :)

1.Koyla-Near Colaba behined Radio Club

When I asked someone on the road wherez Koyla, the guy said I am going there come with me! That was enough to scare me and Nidhi! After 15 minutes we had the courage to figure out how to reach Koyla, as hideous is the entry all the more lovely is the actual place.
The restaurant is on the roof top with sand filled base, small wooden tent type seats, and red n green lantern adores the place. Calm breeze stroking you and beautiful music to nod your heads as there is no place to dance! But its the most fun place we have been to.
Apart from the ambience the food was yumm,
if non veg-the top pick would be the Koyla Starter platter...
For Veg-anything with panner is nice, so is their Dal, quite north Indian and how can anyone give a miss to their Missi Roti!

2.Under the Banyan Tree (UTBT)- near sophia college, Peddar Road

The place is actually under a Banyan Tree, very small joint and serves only vegetarian.
I used to hate this place as it serves only veg, but trust me its me who coaxes everyone to eat here! Their Ceaser Salad is amazing, a bit Indian way though . Typically ceaser salad is filled with grated Cheese or cheese sauced manner, which is not the case here. Beautifuly sliced zuccini and lettuce so are the capsicums, and bread crumble a little bit tossed in the pan. Its definitely innovative and worth a try.
Next would be their Pasta and Raviolli, its NiCe. Also the potato fry called Farm Ranch Fry-combo of masala on top of potato wedges.

3.Bombay Blues- AT Pheonix

My mom has declared that my first home is office second Pheonix and I come to hostel just to doze off.
They offer two type of veg sizzlers both are very tasty and much better than their non-veg offering. I would rather rate their vegetarian stuff highly. Also the drinks are nice like the lemon iced tea and other fruit ones.

4.Maroosh- Only for non vegetarians, its a 4 table joint in a corner next to naturals ice cream parlour at Pheonix

The Lebanase roll has to be tried once, so is their chicken shwarma. Rolls are better than what wraps n rolls would offer at the same price. Starters are tasty but the stealer has to be any of its chicken gravy n garlic naan.

5. Copper Chimney-At pheonix and KalaGhoda.

Only recommendation their Murg Afghani. The price tag dosent justify the taste, yet if someone wants to try it would be the platter, which has offerings of two lamb, chicken, mutton pieces.I didn like anything else.

6.Crystal- at Marine Drive next to Wilson College
only Vegetarian and the best Kheer for sure. Their eggplant (Baingan Bharta to be precise) dish is amazin n simple roti.

7.Shiv Sagar at kemps Corner-pure vegetarian

Ahha, noone has ever defined DahiKhichdi as they have, its the stealer! Even their pav bhaji is amazin so are their chickoo and mango shakes...I simply love them.

Places to be forever avoided-
Copper Chimney, Smoking Lee's at Kemps Corner, Soam at Babulnath (unless u r a die hard gujarati food fan, I just cudn stand anything there except for nachni dosa), Rajdhani (everywhere on this planet), Cream Centre (the name itself kills the joy of food)....
I hope to hear from a lot of people...
ohh how could I, justr how could I forget Leopold at Colaba causeway-
Their Pot rice, whether be chicken, Prawn or Vegetarian...must must must!wat say Shikha!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

why do love to live deciphiring "in Hindsight"

Its 2 at night and every one is asleep which probably is the time for me to sit alone and relax and contemplate. but today I want to write….
I just finished watching the movie, “We are Family” yeay I know how much I didn’t want to watch it and oogled and laughed at people who did. But I didn’t have any choice, but that’s not the point.
I saw the movie, tearjerker but I was the last one to drop my precious tears for KJo.
while I was watching the movie, there was somewhere I could relate but not entirely.
kajol suffers from cervical cancer and dies…
I just have cervical disc prolapse and some more problem with my spinal cord’s rear three bones and one degenerating bone and of course I’m not dying so soon.

The reason I so strongly felt to blog this is because we sympathise, empathise whatever the word one wants to use..we cry, feel horrible when we come to know that some one is dying of cancer or any other terminal illness but have we ever thought about people who are living in pain every day, each and every moment of their existence.
There are so many diseases on this planet which dosen’t have any cure, and which people cant see but that dosent mean they aren’t going through excruciating pain. and they aren’t dying too soon also.

I don’t know how much my boss understands when I tell him that I have got back pain and a slip disc relapse, but he dosent make any face while giving me a day off. some of my colleagues don’t understand, someone remarked recently, “so how was ur holiday back home,” which came after the point that I was on bed rest for six months. I couldn’t walk or sit or even sleep with pain. Somewhere it dosent bother anymore to hear these comments.
why colleagues? while travelling in the train we push aside people, we stomp on each we ever realise that the person must be suffering from something.
When I stand for an hour in the train and if I don’t get a seat I curse people that they aren’t giving me a seat, but that’s not their fault too. I am sure someone must have done the same when I had a seat and they needed it badly.
Its just that it all dawns when we go through the same.
In movies, it ends with a “too soon” death sequence whereas in reality pain prolongs too long for the person to bear it with a smile.
When in the movie kajol goes alone to the doctor to hear that she has cancer, she cries.
I always go to my doctor all alone to hear that I still have to eat those five medicines each every afternoon and night, noone tags with me, noone is either interested to know whats on apart from my parents and a few friends or unless I post it on a facebook seeking attention at times.
otherwise who cares? had it been a cancer I’m sure I would have caught more eyeballs.

but isn’t this a fact that everyone is going to die one day, whether we want to face it or not…everyone’s soul will have to bid adieu, then why do we only bother more for people when we come to know they are going to leave, why cant we bother while they are alive?

whats the harm in caring and loving and behave well when it is still possible ?why do we wish to repent after the person is gone, why not make life more livable, beautiful and enjoyable while our engine is still on…why wait for the end and talk in hindsight? WHY?
Let me be clear I’m not seeking attention, its just I thought why cant we be better human beings while existing with no illness or before facing any dire situations…and not sympathise with people.
I love my ex-boyfriend for leaving me even after knowing that last year was the worst phase of my life and I am going through with serious health concerns and it will live with me for all my life and not sympathising with what I am going through.
So please do not sympathise, be nice and caring if you really want to be otherwise take ur face off the block.

Friday, September 3, 2010

walking the rope

Walking on a tight rope I realised I am all alone
noone to shout for none to look for
holding my breath I looked for you
but I realised even u are gone...balancing my walk I moved ahead
thousands of gaze motivating me to go dribble past the line
may be someone in d crowd has done dis before
someone somewhere was also hurt before
gathering my strength as I looked at the sky
the flying clouds waved goodbye
never thought wud be bidding u adieu eva
may be dats wat love means in today's era!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

last year in hurry

i have been thinking of posting something for quite sometime but i have been giving it a miss for long. Now that things are so haywire i thought lets puke on paper.

Great firstly,my apologies my bloggie for not sharing my stuff with you for ages now.
Second, now i will flood ur system with over information.
Lets start from last year, it was bad :( recession had quenched its claws around me. i didn't get any salary hike neither did my colleagues which was satisfying ;).
I went to matheran with old college pals, some of whom i don't even talk to that's what life does to you when you start working. Anyway shweta, bhushan, nilashri, guru and farha are still on my radar.
Velandy i owe you a big one, she has given me strength through every thick phase, i am indebted.
At Matheran we did mountain crossing hanging on a single wire, wow what an experience i couldnt even cross half the way and my back was pissed with me for enrolling it to torture that it ditched me last moment. i suffered cervical disc dislocation or simply slip disc and was advised bedrest. the bed rest started with a month's time and went on for six months.
I know i love lazying around but i can't stay without work. I realised i can't survive without work so i used to dictate stories from Lenin Nagar, a filthy township in WestBengal, i dont wnat to mention where it is and my so-nice colleagues would write them sitting in Mumbai.
My heartfelt thanks to Raj, my boss and Ashishji, for actually being so nice and cooperative.
I did break stories but very few. one or two?i don't remember.
and yes blog, i found a guy on train(will write in detail later) who was slated to be the Man in my life, i was supposed to get engaged to him by the end of the year. But as of now we dont even like to see each other's face(da hatred is mutual).
Next i came back in October, 2009 and yes i worked hard, harder, and harder and then came the trip to Dubai it was sheer luck, those who were supposed to go, their passports had expired and i am always ready with my passport to jump in the plane.
I went to Dubai and realised i am such a jerk that i can have so much fun with myself that i dont need anyone...
went to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, emirates mall and yes, i had a dinner invite to the Burj-Al-Arab, lucky rascal as you may call me.
and i have traveled to Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Hyderabad, shirdi, Baroda missed Bhopal (couldn't attend my god mother's wedding).
last week i went to Germany, stayed back and went to Berlin again all alone, checked out some hot men and boy they are so handsome...
planning to save every pea and nut of my salary and go for a total europe tour all alone ;)
and yeas in the mean time i haven't shifted to any other place, why as usual i love my hostel and my work place....pretty dangerous...
okies and i have ditched you for twitter too. tweeting is exactly shitting, everyone just pisses around. i hope you could have been a part of it.
and as they say journalism is literature in hurry , this blog post is more like a brief of my last year's to date brief.
will be back again....with more details and good literary thesaurus

Saturday, January 2, 2010

is love real or just surreal

Two mind shackling relationships and i am back to pavilion asking myself once again, the same question which i asked myself before, was the relationship worth the hard work that i had put in?
Is any guy worth the hard work?may be no, but atleast i have left them on a not where i know i have given my best shot and there was nothing more that i could have done.
I have always landed up in long distance relationships which are so long that there becomes a huge network problem.Long distance relationships are basically troublesome and it takes a toll in our lives if we are not patient and adjusting enough to understand the demands of it. and those guys who are lazy and least bothered to make extra efforts should keep themselves away from this-STRICTLY advised. Please do not ruin the chances of that girl of having a better guy in her life!
and woman including me, please open your eyes, men are one species who have huge ego issues, if you see you are more successful or established than the guy please steer away from it. a man cannot take it, he just doesn't have the balls to digest it.
and the biggest problem being when they are of your age they want to be free like their friends who are devoid of any responsibilities and want to be like a free bird and the girl should just be there to massage his ego! Ergo go to hell!
At last but not the least a relationship is not worth my cup of tea i would rather stay single, earn my own pizza and coke float, make my mummy n baba happy and live peacefully with the select few friends. if anybody else thinks the Amir khan way that when u r in love your dupatta flies in the sky den yah it does fly to tell you catch the dupatta dan the guy in front of you!!