Tuesday, January 23, 2007


hi,its been long time that i scribbled something. today i had been to frames, SIES, nerul's film festival...i think it was much hyped but yes of course some movies were excellent and according to me these film fests provide an efficient platform to all the budding talents.
but this is not what i want to discuss.
Their is a boy called Raman Iyer , from KC college whose mother needs to be operated and it requires more than 5 lacs. it surely is a huge amount but today i saw how if young minds with enthusiasm and a motive to turn things take over the sitaution can bring unexpected results. as the message have crossed the KC college and now it is a mass movement. today from swami's, sies(nerul and sion), Khalsa, Somaiya every possible college is coming together to save a life. a life whom we rarely know but this gesture talks volumes about the unity of being a Bmmitte and moreover this incident makes us belief that still humanity exists. in the present times humanity , this word has lost its value and charm but i am glad to write that everyday i am watching how my dear friend Arco tries to channelise things, today when i met Priyanka Venu from KC , i really felt that their initiative is actually bringing results...when i listen to saransh and his ideas i feel that now somehow we all bmmites who are coming together for a cause will surely win over all odds and their are so many other people who are coming forward whom i dont even know... today it was less of a film affair for me than a humanity's call.
i hope and pray that the money required sums up soon and all those who are reading this- if possible please come forward and donate. any amount is acceptable, please come forth and help us save a life, a life is a God's gift why not save it to give a smile to a son ..why not come together and give a smile to Raman's face?
their is a ray of hope and i request all my bmm friends to please come together and stand for a cause.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Thank you my friend..

when i was solitarily standing on the road,
you filled the void of a friend
you came as an angel and changed my world
changed my perspective changed my goals....
focus is what you taught me
with revere i look at you
u channelise optimism
and i gave away pessimism...
a sweet friend, a humble soul
thank you for being the wonderful support
peace is what you preach...
peace is what the world lacks but one thing it surely has
and thats you.....

Friday, January 5, 2007

the king of IRAQ- SADDAM

It was really a sad and damn incident to happen that a ruler who ruled all alone for more than 22 years saw such a gruesome death.a death he wouldnt have ever imagined in his entire life. when he was hanged all the video clips were aired on national television and the entire hanging was available on internet.
i was travelling when my mom called me up and gave this news and my first reaction was...."what? r u mad...how can thay air it?" and ma mom said u shut up u always dont need to poke your nose averywhere. but ma question remains the same is their anything pleasurable to watch some one dying? have our morals gone down so much that we are excitingly and happily watching a hanging going on... it was like when Khudiram Basu was hanged publicly people gathered and till date hez been regarded but in this case the one who died will not be regarded as the martyr but as the one who got his dues of life back.
according to me airing such clips are harmful after this incident a boy died enacting the same thing ..the media should be held responsible for airing such a thing. i understand how much TRP it gathered for them- a breaking news and what not but does any news can be showed without even thinking of its consequences...and the media is considered as gatekeepers,gatewatchers..but this incident has really upset me so much that i feel the media is so much into minting money that human values have lost its existence. i accept he has killed more than 200 shittyes but was that aired to garner public viewing ??? he died by saying its a "sacrifice" but i feel the entire thing was over hyped and over done..it was only an event markin the end of a life...a life which for some was untolerable to bear and for some a holy one.
for me he doesnt matter but yes the way his death came ;it comes as a question that - how a super power nation can make or break countries, its citizens,lives of people. in india people want to go to America for higher studies but only one question that strikes my head is that what is the future of this world its all depended on that super power and the ill logically performing media which is presenting whatever is being fed to them. its high time that the citizens journalism programme takes a high to stop this type of public showcase of undignified news.
a leader being hanged is definitely a news but making it public viewing is pathetic. i hope that the media does not go so down that the question of existence of media can come to play...

something stupid i wish to ask u....

life is not bed of roses yet its not bed of thorns too...in da last few weeks i feel i have grown up immensely ...understood the meaning of my own actions and became stronger to tackle the consequences of the same.
the stupid thing that i wish to tell to all of you...is that how can a person be optimist.....no m not telling it but asking ; can a person really be optimistic throughout all the situations. life all the time doesnt give good experiences and then their are times you tend to lose the battle...then wat do you do..give up or think it was just a phase and restart your life.....

i appreciate all thode writers who wrote about love,life its happiness and impact of all these emotions were so much in my heart that till i was in sybmm.... that i never felt giving up on anything..but today i stand at the midst of the road where i dont know what to do...what to give up or what not to..because i really dont see a direction, their is lots to do..but then i dont want to...because i feel the time has surpassed while i was happy in ma sweet little shell or should i say i was so busy making ma dream castle that i left out much part of the reality for later part of the life. now when i have woken up i think i have lost so much..... their is so much to see, learn and to do....now for this should i be depressed that i left out on so much or should i be happy dat better late than never..... i dont have the answer if i look from an optimists eye the second option is feasable that i have some thing left...but here i stand unknowingly which path to opt for...the pesimists road or the optimists path....