Friday, September 19, 2008

Complex combination!

C for Confusion

While teacing alphabets my mom taught me C for cat and I wondered why not K for Kat and in due Course of time, as I grew older I learnt a few more words in Life,
Compromise and finally
But I haven’t come across any word which starts with letter C and connotes ambitions or dreams.
I thought hard, very hard, but not a single word came to my mind.

As a kid I dreamt of a world better than my childhood had to offer, a society where I could voice my opinion and live my way.
A Choice that I would make of Choosing my Centre, and then I got a Chance to correlate with my dreams and build a world I wanted to comprehend.
There began the journey at the age of 17, when I left home to pursue my dreams, catapulting my closely knit world with a Challenge to realise something which was distant to me, infact so distant that I used to get nightmares wondering where am I headed.
Every disappointment faced was an opportunity to learn and grow and signalling confirmation to my dreams that, yes I am still Clinging on and I want them to be real without any cascades.

But Life never moves the way we want it to speed up, the movement of centrifugal and centripetal forces always make it difficult to correlate our dreams with reality.
And the Conclusion is either to give up or listen to the connoisseur where would I head. But I believe there is no better judge than Oneself to chalk out his own grandeur plans and yes I had compromised earlier but now I’m where I think I should have Come earier.
May be, never late than never is all what I Can Conclude!

Ps: I like the C-catch and I hope no-one Copies it or tries to Correct me on my piece… and don’t Condemn that you read this!

Inspired By Johnny Cash

Life is like a blooming star
We don’t know how it surpasses the darkest hour
It’s the love in the air which keeps us awake
It’s the happiness on which we bask.

There’s been time when life was low,
Tomorrow it might be even hollow
But I know one thing that’s gonna be there
And its love my baby it’s the breeze of love

What is love if you wan me to define
It’s your smile, the strength of your shoulder and the deep eye
The burning fire, the pure desire to win when you fail
Will vanish, once you flow in the pool of love,
Love will keep us alive.

Even if you fight with me,
I still know in my heart, that after three pint
You will stink and sing, honey love will maketh our life.

Netu...werz U?

Dearest netu,

How are you? I am not doing well for sometime. My blood pressure level has gone up and my stress levels continue to increase. The only reason being, I am not able to get in touch with you for past three days. I miss you more than my food, more than any of my beautiful possessions. You surpass the boundary of treasured ness as I cannot even imagine living without you.

Life without you is colourless, meaningless as I cannot meet the world without your presence and of course you are my sole reason of empowering knowledge and wisdom that you give more than my books or friends.
Whenever I am lonely you hold my hand and take me to a different world, where I meet people and befriend them. You play scribble and Mario with me till I am tired and my hands give up. You play my favourite songs in bounties as much as I could never possess in my collection.
The only reason of my high scores in exams, my reason of gazing into those worlds which otherwise I would never be able to see. You took me to meet amir khan to sir Mark Tully, you are a genius and I am so proud of the fact that you are mine.
I love you very much and always remember, without you my life is nonexistent. Its you who keeps my day ticking. Grow your horizons and with it make me your companion till eternity.

With love,
Your sweetheart forever,

PS= any guess to whom is this letter earmarked? 