Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Purani jeans aur kuch yaar!

I am continuing with the same tagline as our photo album so that everyone is still connected!!!
Its 11.30 am Pooja Sarkar is in a press conference pestering Adi Godrej to accept there is a slowdown in the Mumbai realty market. At the same time, Sophie is sitting on the third floor of TCS building trying to brain storm but has metro mall pictures open on her mobile-FB in Vikhroli.
Anjuri is sighing at the traffic while sitting on the bus on her way to Seepz, Andheri liking the pics of the reunion, and priyanka is zooming around in Ulhasnagar in her scooty with a tinge of smile on her face. and of course Ankit is going mad planning for the next get together already!
I have always felt that nostalgia is not just a word to remind old things, but an emotion, which gives you goose bumps, joy, a genuine smile on your face, a thought process with a clean heart as it used to be in those days and many memories which are either good or bad.
The reunion made us all nostalgic about our white and blue combo days but the question here was next is what!
Because after most reunions people either forget to catch up or they just keep talking about the same thing for ages, but noone wants to move from their comfort zones, which they have built since they left school. The thought of adulterated boring daily lives which needs a shake up, is always sent to the recycle bin. Thus when everyone agreed to come for a day’s picnic honestly I was astonished. But friends came and not just one or two but in forces!!! So we set out for Akshi Beach, 4 kms ahead of Alibaug on March 13, 2011.
But before we set sail, we spent the entire week fighting , cancelling and replanning every night at 10.30pm on conference calls, no one ever replied to my mails and of course random short hand msgs. The whole planning was more about bonding than actually making any sense. The place never mattered neither the thought of what we will do on a beach under the scorching sun, what mattered was if everyone is in it together or not!
People who walked that extra mile to be on the ferry were Priyanka, Sophie,Anjuri, Ankit, Amit, Abhishek , and of course Me!
The trip started on a note where I was running late for half an hour as I had boarded a Virar local and reached Bhayander than come towards Churchgate, so did gaonwallas missed their 7.18 local ;)
As we hopped on the ferry and made ourselves comfortable on the upper deck, the ticket checker on the ferry threw us out and then we boarded the next one, and it was literally whattay fun! Like kids we jumped on the best front seats and played Dum-sharaz, actually it should be rechristened Dumb-Shoraz because the boys were dumb as they couldn’t enact a single movie properly and girls made so much Shor as they won every round!!!
As soon as we reached Mandwa Jetty from Gateway of India, the discussion on return ticket started and finally we fixed for 6.30pm, literally like “na teri na meri” (bwahaha) and we boarded the 8 seater tempo for Akshi!!!
Songs followed and then dedications, I and Pri dedicated songs and here are they…people please be ready for a good round of laughter----
For Abhishek -Kitabein bahut si padhi hogi tumney magar koi chehra bhi pada hoga...
Ankit -i just cant remember....
Amit-Pocket mey rocket hai rocket mey.....salesman of the year ;)
Anjuri-Leharake balkhakey, balkhakey sharmakey, dilon ko jalakey, tu hai ek Sharara!!!
Sofu- Gumsum ho kyun paas aao na, ruthey ho kyun tum batao na (half of it is home production)
Priyanka: Dill diya hai jaan bhi dengey aye doctor terey liyee...
As the tempo stopped we were suddenly standing amidst a tract of coconut trees and a minutes walk and hot water was gushing beneath our feet. and hordes of little crabs making their holes. Oh and of course the cribmaster Amit started his session once again , “Its so hot out here” I am sure we heard this line a minimum of 50 times during the course of the day!
As we were walking towards the beach I couldn’t control my excitement and screamed jet skiing!!!! the water sports owner over heard us and came to negotiate and finally we decided to do jet ski and banana ride.
Priyanka was more eager to sit and get pictures clicked to put them for her college friends’ perusal, sophie was super scared to even see that ski boat. I am sure it was a first for you guys and everyone had a rocking time on it. The instructor was superbly efficient and did some nerve whacking tilts I thought I am gonna fall once, but naah he was super dude man!As I came out of water to keep a check on the bags everyone went for banana ride and then too far in the sea. There came a time when I could not see anyone anymore and I was so scared that the moment I saw Ankit and Amit I screamed like mad and within five minutes everyone was at the shore….u guys are scared of me haan!!!… But the best part was the food, Gosh we were so hungry that we went to Alibaug for lunch. And the Chichken Bhuna was amazing…my mouth is still watering. The waiter at the hotel was very cordial he apologised for having to hurry up as the kitchen was closing. also Saxena ma’m had sent alu paratha and I gulped half of it all alone, it ws sooo tasty! Then we went to Alibaug beach and seriously it was super hot so we came back to mandwa jetty.
While getting down from the tempo I had rechecked if we have left something or not, and yes five minutes on the walk and Pri realises her mobile isn’t there. The tempo wala came again and gave it back. And finally after a lot of foto shoots we boarded the Apollo catamaran back at 6.30pm, which would take us to Mumbai in 50 minutes. But 15 minutes on the go and our ferry’s engine gave up its life and we were floating in the midst of the sea. A mechanic was brought by the coast guard but nothing worked and the smell from the engine was too scary for me to face. I thought this is the end and because of me six more are at stake…what a foolish decision to take to come by water, should have listened to V and have got us in a car…in another half an hour another ferry came which was tied and we reached shore at 8.45pm and everyone hurried for the Karjat local yeeppyyyy….. and then we bid adieu.
But before bidding adieu and gasping the fact that whether we will reach the shore on time or not, we already made the plan for next is what and it is to “Go GOA”…...so ladies and gentlemen watch out your calendar we are not done yet!!!!get your swim suits in place and say goodbye to bulges as we will set Goa ablaze with our evermore madness!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

To womanhood!

Born in the alleys of mama’s love and wrapped around her lovely daddy,
she walks around the house looking for her best friend Barbie,
later as she runs around the play ground she polishes her bakery skills
mamma realises she has become to old to be at this place
and thus she walks off to a new address
nagging you to the breakfast table and feeding you with love and thee
passing swiftly through the market bargaining to save every penny
so that she gets you the best gift on your anniversary!
caressing your heart and blossoming her career
she still walks alone to manage the worlds with so much glee
with that tinkle on her face and beautiful smile forever be!!!

Proud to be a woman!!!