Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brand Mamata

Okie, Why I am writing this blog, because nothing else is making sense to me at this given point in time. This is a mere imagination and utter fiction so please don't land up at my door trying to break things, i have just started doing my home d├ęcor and trust me its expensive, so please don't come along to break anything, in case you want to sit on a “dharna” on my land parcel please feel free to do so, because my guard is on leave.

The topic here is the present chief minister of West Bengal, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, no neither did I vote for TMC or CPM, because i didn't want to be kicked by anyone, On her first day of service to the state, declared contribution of Rs 1 crore, that she raised by selling her paintings and would go to the state mini-fund.

Then dimag mey laddo futaa....and here are a few advertising campaign ideas that came to my peanut size brain. The land of joy is in a terrible condition when it comes to its finances, and it has a debt burden of whopping Rs 2lac crore, though a contribution of Rs 1 crore is well appreciated, a lot more could be brought in by Ms. Banerjee, herez how-

Glucon D—Tan ki shakti man ki shakti, Glucon D- The hurricane manner with which she works, the only thing people discuss in train, bus and “parar adda” (local gossip) is where she gets so much energy from? So a five year contract can easily fetch a few more crores.
My aunt actually expects me to ask her what does she eat or drink as supplements to gather that form and she calls me every second week to seek the answer. Trust me i really i want to be a journalist in Kolkata.

Ajanta Hawai- Didi, as commonly known dosen't wear any other footwear than “Hawai Chappals”, that is slippers. And she wears Ajanta Hawai's so I am sure, when every three person in four voted for Maa, mati and Manush (Mother, Soil and People's government), they will easily follow her brand of chappals. It could be considered for a long tenure contract, double digit crores!!!

Now my imagination is running too wild, so next is the sarees that she wears for her daily use. The sarees are from Dhonekhali, a small town in Nadia, which can easily be propagated as the next textile hub, though it is nothing in comparison to Tirupur, but wouldn't there be lakhs of women working on the Mati (soil-reference to farmers and small shop owners) who would love to adorn the sarees that their brand ambassador carries off! I can already see the pink notes!!!

She might have kicked Ratan Tata out, but she dosen't have any grudges against Hyundai. The first woman chief minister of West Bengal, now a days drives around in a Hyundai i10, remember the one Shah Rukh Khan advertises. In west bengal, nothing sells more than Mamata these days, i can very well feel that our finances are already on its recovery curve...

Rest, i-Phone and all, isn't that just too obvious that industrialists are showering their love and respect adequately and a little more philanthrophy wouldn't hurt us, ain't it?


Sankoobaba said...

its a hilariously crazy idea..that could even work if done right !!!

nicely done!!

keep `em coming!!

Vijesh said...

Good humour :).way to go..

raregenome said...

Thanks sanket and V :)