Saturday, January 2, 2010

is love real or just surreal

Two mind shackling relationships and i am back to pavilion asking myself once again, the same question which i asked myself before, was the relationship worth the hard work that i had put in?
Is any guy worth the hard work?may be no, but atleast i have left them on a not where i know i have given my best shot and there was nothing more that i could have done.
I have always landed up in long distance relationships which are so long that there becomes a huge network problem.Long distance relationships are basically troublesome and it takes a toll in our lives if we are not patient and adjusting enough to understand the demands of it. and those guys who are lazy and least bothered to make extra efforts should keep themselves away from this-STRICTLY advised. Please do not ruin the chances of that girl of having a better guy in her life!
and woman including me, please open your eyes, men are one species who have huge ego issues, if you see you are more successful or established than the guy please steer away from it. a man cannot take it, he just doesn't have the balls to digest it.
and the biggest problem being when they are of your age they want to be free like their friends who are devoid of any responsibilities and want to be like a free bird and the girl should just be there to massage his ego! Ergo go to hell!
At last but not the least a relationship is not worth my cup of tea i would rather stay single, earn my own pizza and coke float, make my mummy n baba happy and live peacefully with the select few friends. if anybody else thinks the Amir khan way that when u r in love your dupatta flies in the sky den yah it does fly to tell you catch the dupatta dan the guy in front of you!!

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