Thursday, June 3, 2010

last year in hurry

i have been thinking of posting something for quite sometime but i have been giving it a miss for long. Now that things are so haywire i thought lets puke on paper.

Great firstly,my apologies my bloggie for not sharing my stuff with you for ages now.
Second, now i will flood ur system with over information.
Lets start from last year, it was bad :( recession had quenched its claws around me. i didn't get any salary hike neither did my colleagues which was satisfying ;).
I went to matheran with old college pals, some of whom i don't even talk to that's what life does to you when you start working. Anyway shweta, bhushan, nilashri, guru and farha are still on my radar.
Velandy i owe you a big one, she has given me strength through every thick phase, i am indebted.
At Matheran we did mountain crossing hanging on a single wire, wow what an experience i couldnt even cross half the way and my back was pissed with me for enrolling it to torture that it ditched me last moment. i suffered cervical disc dislocation or simply slip disc and was advised bedrest. the bed rest started with a month's time and went on for six months.
I know i love lazying around but i can't stay without work. I realised i can't survive without work so i used to dictate stories from Lenin Nagar, a filthy township in WestBengal, i dont wnat to mention where it is and my so-nice colleagues would write them sitting in Mumbai.
My heartfelt thanks to Raj, my boss and Ashishji, for actually being so nice and cooperative.
I did break stories but very few. one or two?i don't remember.
and yes blog, i found a guy on train(will write in detail later) who was slated to be the Man in my life, i was supposed to get engaged to him by the end of the year. But as of now we dont even like to see each other's face(da hatred is mutual).
Next i came back in October, 2009 and yes i worked hard, harder, and harder and then came the trip to Dubai it was sheer luck, those who were supposed to go, their passports had expired and i am always ready with my passport to jump in the plane.
I went to Dubai and realised i am such a jerk that i can have so much fun with myself that i dont need anyone...
went to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, emirates mall and yes, i had a dinner invite to the Burj-Al-Arab, lucky rascal as you may call me.
and i have traveled to Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Hyderabad, shirdi, Baroda missed Bhopal (couldn't attend my god mother's wedding).
last week i went to Germany, stayed back and went to Berlin again all alone, checked out some hot men and boy they are so handsome...
planning to save every pea and nut of my salary and go for a total europe tour all alone ;)
and yeas in the mean time i haven't shifted to any other place, why as usual i love my hostel and my work place....pretty dangerous...
okies and i have ditched you for twitter too. tweeting is exactly shitting, everyone just pisses around. i hope you could have been a part of it.
and as they say journalism is literature in hurry , this blog post is more like a brief of my last year's to date brief.
will be back again....with more details and good literary thesaurus


Life said...

great to read all this stuff... seems you are on a roll just like your slip disc... so how was Germany?? and hope the slip disc hasn't slipped further. or else next post will be a 'medical journal in hurry'!!

raregenome said...

hahahaha...thanks big b..germany was beautiful...will post about it later in a better and how ru..long time we needs catch up!

Sankoobaba said...

recession sucked! :p

mathern is one of my fave...
yeah that valley crossing thing is awesome i had done it last year on my bday..its thrilling

wow...u have travelled a and lucky....

keep blogging..good luck..