Friday, December 18, 2009

Where thou water?

This is paradoxical in nature to write about something which I never believed in.

But now I am forced to and what’s that-That is Conservation of Water!

And why do I say so? Because I have been brought up in a place where water flows the whole day in the garden giving comfort to my 9 banana trees, one mango tree, 2 pineapple plants, a bed of roses, small chillie plants, one mango tree, one drumstick and I don remember the rest. It was more of a little jungle than a garden and evening time was solely dedicated for gardening with my parents. Whenever we opened the tap there was water flowing with the maximum speed, and no, we never had a water reserve tank of 380 ltrs or 500 ltrs, that concept was alien. And obviously my science teacher taught me, “water is a renewable resource.” So, in short I wasted it as much was possible.

Cut to 2009:

Today I had to sit for half and hour to fill my bucket’s one-fourth’s one-fourth portion and I am not lying or either joking. My neighbours are big wigs like the Deora’s and the Dutt’s, yes that’s where I stay, Peddar Road. SO called South Bombay!

I don’t know whether Milind Deora had to sit one hour and wait for his bucket to fill but my point is atleast give a bucket of water to everyone.

The dear chief minister of Maharashtra, has already declared water connections wouldn’t be given for high rises till 2012, so all the flat buyers who had very happily booked their homes, stop smiling. It’s a distant thought that the builder would complete the project on time, those which will finally get ready will not have something without which you can’t exist that’s brushing your teeth and cleaning your ass and flushing the pot.

The government has also told railways to manage on their own. Which means all long distant trains, which includes my 34hour journey to Kolkata without water supply from the government? Amazing, anyway the train’s toilets are dirty it will be the heaven of diseases henceforth. Congratulations to all the passengers hope you have a great journey with fragrances mesmerizing you.

But I am surprised to see the flood of water tankers that are doing the rounds of the city and beeline of water leaves its mark all over the road.

Everyday when I go home from office or while coming to office I can see water tankers passing by more frequently than ever. So, the government, the BMC doesn’t have water, the water tanker owner has pot loads of water which is being sold at high rates. So the conclusion-I have to buy my own water to clean my ass!!!

So I would rather say, “Wake up Sid”

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Sankoobaba said...

good post!!
yeah!! govt. doesnt even bother about basic necessities like foodgrains, water, etc,
and they want to start liquor companies to earn more profits "for the farmers"