Friday, December 10, 2010

Gorging Delights

Its been ages that i wrote something interesting, i have been writing some senti stuff for quite sometime now. Okay so after a bad break up either you sob or you eat a lot, what if you eat good stuff!I bet once you eat good stuff, you actually forget that you are going through any tumultuous time....M telling you its here we go, I am gonna write about some good food joints where I love to go and what to stuff your tummy with!
I have discovered these places with my lovely gang of Girlz...For the sheer love of good food on sundayz :)

1.Koyla-Near Colaba behined Radio Club

When I asked someone on the road wherez Koyla, the guy said I am going there come with me! That was enough to scare me and Nidhi! After 15 minutes we had the courage to figure out how to reach Koyla, as hideous is the entry all the more lovely is the actual place.
The restaurant is on the roof top with sand filled base, small wooden tent type seats, and red n green lantern adores the place. Calm breeze stroking you and beautiful music to nod your heads as there is no place to dance! But its the most fun place we have been to.
Apart from the ambience the food was yumm,
if non veg-the top pick would be the Koyla Starter platter...
For Veg-anything with panner is nice, so is their Dal, quite north Indian and how can anyone give a miss to their Missi Roti!

2.Under the Banyan Tree (UTBT)- near sophia college, Peddar Road

The place is actually under a Banyan Tree, very small joint and serves only vegetarian.
I used to hate this place as it serves only veg, but trust me its me who coaxes everyone to eat here! Their Ceaser Salad is amazing, a bit Indian way though . Typically ceaser salad is filled with grated Cheese or cheese sauced manner, which is not the case here. Beautifuly sliced zuccini and lettuce so are the capsicums, and bread crumble a little bit tossed in the pan. Its definitely innovative and worth a try.
Next would be their Pasta and Raviolli, its NiCe. Also the potato fry called Farm Ranch Fry-combo of masala on top of potato wedges.

3.Bombay Blues- AT Pheonix

My mom has declared that my first home is office second Pheonix and I come to hostel just to doze off.
They offer two type of veg sizzlers both are very tasty and much better than their non-veg offering. I would rather rate their vegetarian stuff highly. Also the drinks are nice like the lemon iced tea and other fruit ones.

4.Maroosh- Only for non vegetarians, its a 4 table joint in a corner next to naturals ice cream parlour at Pheonix

The Lebanase roll has to be tried once, so is their chicken shwarma. Rolls are better than what wraps n rolls would offer at the same price. Starters are tasty but the stealer has to be any of its chicken gravy n garlic naan.

5. Copper Chimney-At pheonix and KalaGhoda.

Only recommendation their Murg Afghani. The price tag dosent justify the taste, yet if someone wants to try it would be the platter, which has offerings of two lamb, chicken, mutton pieces.I didn like anything else.

6.Crystal- at Marine Drive next to Wilson College
only Vegetarian and the best Kheer for sure. Their eggplant (Baingan Bharta to be precise) dish is amazin n simple roti.

7.Shiv Sagar at kemps Corner-pure vegetarian

Ahha, noone has ever defined DahiKhichdi as they have, its the stealer! Even their pav bhaji is amazin so are their chickoo and mango shakes...I simply love them.

Places to be forever avoided-
Copper Chimney, Smoking Lee's at Kemps Corner, Soam at Babulnath (unless u r a die hard gujarati food fan, I just cudn stand anything there except for nachni dosa), Rajdhani (everywhere on this planet), Cream Centre (the name itself kills the joy of food)....
I hope to hear from a lot of people...
ohh how could I, justr how could I forget Leopold at Colaba causeway-
Their Pot rice, whether be chicken, Prawn or Vegetarian...must must must!wat say Shikha!


Sankoobaba said...

wow!! what a yummy list.. reminded me of foodie show.."highway on my plate" .. not literally.. but.. nice..


I have not been to any places you have mentioned.. but only heard of them.. been to leopold after 26/11 ..once.. ...

but I agree about Rajdhani.. I find its over-hyped..

I have been to "Not Just Jazz By The Bay" once.. food was ok.. but location is nice..

good list and writing..made me hungry ..

Ashwin said...

Nice List, have to check Under the Banyan Tree since a long time and Soam to.Koyla has amazing view and hookah can not agree about quality of food though.