Friday, September 19, 2008

Netu...werz U?

Dearest netu,

How are you? I am not doing well for sometime. My blood pressure level has gone up and my stress levels continue to increase. The only reason being, I am not able to get in touch with you for past three days. I miss you more than my food, more than any of my beautiful possessions. You surpass the boundary of treasured ness as I cannot even imagine living without you.

Life without you is colourless, meaningless as I cannot meet the world without your presence and of course you are my sole reason of empowering knowledge and wisdom that you give more than my books or friends.
Whenever I am lonely you hold my hand and take me to a different world, where I meet people and befriend them. You play scribble and Mario with me till I am tired and my hands give up. You play my favourite songs in bounties as much as I could never possess in my collection.
The only reason of my high scores in exams, my reason of gazing into those worlds which otherwise I would never be able to see. You took me to meet amir khan to sir Mark Tully, you are a genius and I am so proud of the fact that you are mine.
I love you very much and always remember, without you my life is nonexistent. Its you who keeps my day ticking. Grow your horizons and with it make me your companion till eternity.

With love,
Your sweetheart forever,

PS= any guess to whom is this letter earmarked? 

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