Friday, September 19, 2008

Complex combination!

C for Confusion

While teacing alphabets my mom taught me C for cat and I wondered why not K for Kat and in due Course of time, as I grew older I learnt a few more words in Life,
Compromise and finally
But I haven’t come across any word which starts with letter C and connotes ambitions or dreams.
I thought hard, very hard, but not a single word came to my mind.

As a kid I dreamt of a world better than my childhood had to offer, a society where I could voice my opinion and live my way.
A Choice that I would make of Choosing my Centre, and then I got a Chance to correlate with my dreams and build a world I wanted to comprehend.
There began the journey at the age of 17, when I left home to pursue my dreams, catapulting my closely knit world with a Challenge to realise something which was distant to me, infact so distant that I used to get nightmares wondering where am I headed.
Every disappointment faced was an opportunity to learn and grow and signalling confirmation to my dreams that, yes I am still Clinging on and I want them to be real without any cascades.

But Life never moves the way we want it to speed up, the movement of centrifugal and centripetal forces always make it difficult to correlate our dreams with reality.
And the Conclusion is either to give up or listen to the connoisseur where would I head. But I believe there is no better judge than Oneself to chalk out his own grandeur plans and yes I had compromised earlier but now I’m where I think I should have Come earier.
May be, never late than never is all what I Can Conclude!

Ps: I like the C-catch and I hope no-one Copies it or tries to Correct me on my piece… and don’t Condemn that you read this!

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