Friday, September 19, 2008

Inspired By Johnny Cash

Life is like a blooming star
We don’t know how it surpasses the darkest hour
It’s the love in the air which keeps us awake
It’s the happiness on which we bask.

There’s been time when life was low,
Tomorrow it might be even hollow
But I know one thing that’s gonna be there
And its love my baby it’s the breeze of love

What is love if you wan me to define
It’s your smile, the strength of your shoulder and the deep eye
The burning fire, the pure desire to win when you fail
Will vanish, once you flow in the pool of love,
Love will keep us alive.

Even if you fight with me,
I still know in my heart, that after three pint
You will stink and sing, honey love will maketh our life.

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