Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Angel...

You came as an angel and changed my life
You gave me a reason to smile and survive.
You came for my rescue when I was all alone
Sitting by the shore of loneliness and sorrow
You loved me and accelerated my strength
You held me tight without any questions
I will always cherish these memories
Till the end of my life.
I don’t know whether you are in love or not
But my heart will always wait for you.
You are my reason to dream
To hope for the sky and fly high without any worry
Because I know whenever I will fall you will be their to hold me tight
You will be there sitting by my side holding my hand
Saying “I’m there”
And that’s what keeps me going even through the toughest times.
The smile on my face is a gift of yours
I just wish if you could be mine, you are my angel
My guiding star, I love you and that’s all do I know
I want to be with you till the end that’s all I know.

I was cleaning my disc space and suddenly saw this poem which i had written for someone whom i loved very dearly. I used to wonder how one can fall in love while chatting journey was also same..first on orkut then yahoo messenger then fonecalls follwed by meetings, movies and lots of movies then finally the day before i bid adieu i was dancing with him in a disc(My first Disc Experience...)!!!
Life is strange and out of nowhere you meet people who become your close confidants and then somewhere we lose them. its like the more we try to close our palms filled with sand the more it falls out, the more we become possesive and fall head over heels for someone the more outbursting the individual becomes. May be its for the better that we said goodbye to each other but yes when sometimes i do those similar things which we did together..studying, watching movies and other stuff, we tend to become nostalgic. some memories are well forgotten and some give us pains but may be i treat life in a different manner because i cherish the good memories of my life...people say love is blind and i had become blind..but now with eyes wide open..when i look back i can't stop laughing at myself and say, "Oh S**t! it was me!! Pooja Sarkar!![:0]..who did that?"hehe[:)]
Life moves on and it is better that we move but not with angst or pain, irrtation or frustration but with forgiveness(even if the person is not seeking!!) and happiness. Abhoring the idea of degrading the person, cherish the good memories and yes then life surely stands tall.
life is all about burgeoning enthusiatically in a positive manner and i am glad i didnt fall back not even for a day!!!
Moral of the story: Love yourself then only would someone love you, nobody can put a smile on ur face only YOU can if you want and yes dont hold anyone because memories can be stacked in our conscience but not human beings[:)]....and live life as nobody is going to hold you bcoz if then someone holds you it feels great!

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