Tuesday, July 3, 2007

LoSt NeW MoBiLe

Yesterday i lost my new mobile which my father gifted me after a long discussion where i was able to convince baba that i am responsible enough to carry a high-end mobile costing ten thousand rupees. For some people around me ten grants is not a big amount but for me it really is. I am not disappointed by the fact that i lost a mobile which i had dreamt of since i joined BMM. as all my friends always carried heavy high end mobiles and i used to wander around carrying a cute, lowpriced mobile. but i am disappointed by the fact that it was a gift my dad gave me . It was put on my lap because he is proud of me, it was the most expensive gift i ever recieved from my parents. they had acknowledged my efforts, the hardships that i braved to be here and stand on my own feet, to be independent without falling on anyone, to grab a job without depending on any contacts. It was a moment where a mother spent one hour browsing through all the fones available in the store so that she can purchase the best one for her daughter. I was so excited about my cel that i spent hours searching for the best caller tones, uploading songs, standing at Ghatkopar station to click fotographs of tracks submerging in the rains, standing in ankle-length deep water to click the eaten-sweetcorn flowing in the speedy waterflow of Ghatkopar west, a cell which drenched itself when i was on bike and it was raining cats an dogs, it has pics of my family...some beautiful moments which i wanted to savour in my pc. It had pics of my frens who desperately wanted those "Sahi" pics on orkut display, and finally the cellphone had all my contact numbers which i will never be able to retrieve.
It was just a mobile but its value not monetarily but moment's(tarily) is invaluable. when i told my parents about the incident meekishly; my dad said, "don't worry ..give me 4-5 months i will buy you the same one...bcoz your mom told me how much excited you were about that cel. dont worry..."
i have never cried for materialistic things but losing possesion of this cel brought tears in my eyes..not because it was a costly gift,for the fact that it was a gift which my dad gave which was his bonus which could have been otherwise utilised well in the savings.
A stupid demand was fulfilled only to bring a smile on my face and i couldnt take care of it.it was not even a week old and its gone...today i bought another mobile..from my first salary and the satisfaction which i have i can't express atleast after this sad incidence i didn have to go to my parents and ask for something....M proud of the fact that i have such supportive parents but m sad about the fact that they have such an irresponsible daughter....who when tries hard to treasure something always loses it somewhere....unexpectedly

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