Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ekdum Rapchik Ishtyled Log ~~ERIL

After my board exams when all my freinds were busy shopping for the college tour i was hanging around at Pheonix mills and suddenly i got a call from some lady called Garima Rastogi,who wanted me to come down for an interview and i asked where is her office ,she said Marine Lines i thought its near by then why not just check it out...and then i landed up at ERIL and joviantly gave my interview to her and then she took me to the editor and after a tedious one hour interview the editor said, would you join us..i said"ok!!"
today its been four months i am part of this organisation where the most chilled out people come to work every morning and make it a norm to be happy the whole day. the editorial team is never silent when its working time people do it seriously and when its the time to let your hair loose who better than us.
now lemme describe the entire ed team who are now a daily routine of my life even if i am not in office i hav a talk with them everyday:

1. Raksha aka rakku baby: the most beautiful girl in the ed room, she might not have the educational qualifications but i challenge anyone that when it comes to gathering information noone can beat her!! very soft at heart and yes my Rakku baby is also the owner of oil factory as her tiffin leaks the maximum oil everyday...she is the precious oil girl!!!

2.Suchitra aka suchi/suchu: the Admin girl of the ed team...from tenders to admin she handles them perfectly. very dedicated and precise when it comes to work and the only person who understands my problems regarding cheques-notepads-tissues..don't u suchi?
The above dignified two individual happen to be my best friends since i hav joined office , life has become easier and yes i always feel great when you both laugh on those silly jokes which i crack when we are together, will miss those night outs, dancing at the disc, Partner and ofcourse marine drive wd chana chor garamm!!!

3. Architecture Update Team-My Team
Manju ma'm: the very first day she told me not to call her mam but manju!! but i can never imagine me calling her manju coz she is my i hate her when she chops and operates my article at times but ofcourse thats the best way to learn. a person who always makes sure that i am well, i do my work on time, how to edit, report and which matters to be taken care of-i wished her Happy teachers day..because yes she is my teacher..and there is lot more to learn from her, this is just the begining..and i appreciate her how she carries the entire paper on her back , she does have the strongest shoulders in the entire team.

Renu mam: i dont know but we reach the same sites at the same moment, reach same people at the same time, call same people for same work might not betelepathy but i have always observed that she is always one step aheadof me and how i love it because that gives me the kick to do something different. intelligent and still a child from heart!

Anoder bunch of Friends:

4.Tasneem aka Gola: people call her tassu or Motorwala but i call her Gola, infact we both call each other Gola.if there is any sale or shopping to be done you just need to visit her because she already has all the details. Books to websites, movies to career , shopping to travelogue she has all the information stored in her brain kit and yes if it is someone's birthday in the office she is our World Bank who collects money not by requesting but by haftagiri[;)]u simply rock and i love it the way u give me suggestions on that MSword format!!!

5.Poonam: A very good friend who is now a days alighted in her own world but yes she has good knowledge and always there to guide you and help you all the time.

6.Sandeep aka sandy: he comes office at 9am and leaves exactly at six coz he cant go without his bandra local and he is nowadays busy going of those friends whom i respect a lot because of his knowledge, wisdom, caring nature and he knows how to deal with every individual. he is always ready to ask us to finish his dabba..and we always promise him that we would call up his mom and ask her to stop giving him tiffin[;)]

7.Shripad Sir aka Shree sir: we sit on the same desk, man with experience and knowledge and the kid of all, i quote him simply the BEST.

8. Harish sir aka HR: he is not aware that i have christened him with the tag of HR not because of his initials but he actualy handles the entire editorial as the human resource organiser. he is silent and yet chirpy, he always nods his head when some one says bye but yes when it comes to me he is compelled to say a big goodbye cheerfully coz otherwise i will make a small face and leave and when he blasts people need to run and find place and hide and i am waiting for my turn[:(]

and there are other people like Preeti mam(very sweet), Madhu(the oldest reporter wid experience), Shalini(my college senior)
and there are two people whom i know Mehboob and Kishore who comprise the marketing team.
Kishore: when quered how is he, he would always reply "same as before" thats why i believe he wears dose same coloured shirts(white n grey ) all the time... and for Mehboob i don undderstand why he needs to wear a red tie all the time?[:0] but they both r very well behaved people!!! ;)
anyways dis are my great office colleagues who have tolerated the most lazy girl everyday wid a cheerful smile and hearty wishes..i hope the path that i have trodden shouldnt take me much far from these guys ROCk!!!!!!I wish You all Besta Luck :)

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