Thursday, June 28, 2007

Books...OuR BeSt FrIeNdS....

"Happiness and Success cannot be pursued. It must ensue!"-Robin Sharma
when i read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari for the first time i closed the book halfway because even before i could complete the first page i used to fall asleep as i used to find his theories to be dumb...fake...their are no sages of Sivanna...Noone can look young after facing so much in life..and of course all his neanderthal era theories...
Few weeks back i faced some very unfotunate incidences from various counters which i wasn't prepared for. thus to rejuvenate myself i had gone to meet my friends and while travelling in the train i had this book in my jhola{journalist u see ;)} and i started reading it and the very same words which i felt to be not so encouraging in the contemporary society were sounding so metaphorically correct to be implemented in our lives that i messaged a quote to all my friends and not so friends that "when you start to condition your mind to translate every event into a positive and empowering one, you will stop being the prisoner of the past instead you will become the architect of your future"
Today while coming back from office i remembered a very beautiful quote that i had read years ago while reading "Chicken Soup for the mother's soul"...the mother tells her friend "i have never done anything wrong in my life..still i have remained poor and with less friends because i confined myself to my family..and today even they are far off...i know the reason why...i have observed that those who fare well in their exams from school to college always tend to do better in their lives......"
The way i dissected this story was people who do well in their exams of life are actually the ones who are prepared for it..they activate their senses and inner strength at the right time and push their positives to fight for the better..the same way we do in schools to get good scores...don't we?
Why i am i writing these quotes and anecdotes??? because i never liked reading but in last three years i have tried to fill the quota of not being an avid reader for 17years...and today these books have become my best friends!! these quotes they give me strength, encouragement to fight difficult situations..some imperative decisions are well taken by counting on our experience and the experience one attains by reading books is exemplary....i belive in what i said..Books are our best friends..and i hope they remain close to me always..even after having a tough and tiring day at office :)

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