Sunday, February 11, 2007


Till date the only film fest that i have attended are the college film fests...showcasing the amatuer talents but for the first time i had been to an iranian film festival. when i heard about the screenings i was skeptical but once the movies began ...god!!i dont have words to express my joy. such wonderful cinema and Majid Majidi is "the" torch bearer of Iranian cinema.
the first movie that we saw was "colour of paradise" by Majid Majidi who has won numerous awards for this film. the story has two central charachters Mohammed Ramezani, a litle blind boy who stays at the city blind school as his father doesnt want him to stay with him. and the second lead is shared by his father, Hashem Ramezani who lives in the village with his mother and two daughters. the story is so beautifully sketched that anyone will fall in love with the movie. the beautiful locales , Mohammed's curiosity to touch and feel everything from water, wind ,his family members, his urge to study to excel is wonderfully outlined. the movie wins over asthe director is able to depict symbolism through all the major scenes , expressions talked more than words and for the first time i witnessed cinema as a craft, a directors piece of art and not just another movie but a movie that i will cherish until i get to see something like this!!the movie is amazingly wonderful and the end when situations run on a pessimestic note , it not only talks about our beliefs and thinking but it speaks volumes about the universatility of a film. 2 scenes which i loved the most:-
1.when Mohammed's grandmother dies, her last shot has her smiling on the bed and the very next moment the fog fills the sky and Mohammed is shown in that fog...and den Hashem is shown crying , it was brilliantly shot.
2. when Mohammed breaks down and let his emotions flow, the acting prowess by such a small kid with such intensity is tremendous.i bow and say i have never watched an excellent cinema like this till date.
a simple story , simple narration yet it touched the heart of all the viewers sitting in the auditorium.i just hope that these kind of movies are shown in colleges during the film festivals.

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