Tuesday, January 23, 2007


hi,its been long time that i scribbled something. today i had been to frames, SIES, nerul's film festival...i think it was much hyped but yes of course some movies were excellent and according to me these film fests provide an efficient platform to all the budding talents.
but this is not what i want to discuss.
Their is a boy called Raman Iyer , from KC college whose mother needs to be operated and it requires more than 5 lacs. it surely is a huge amount but today i saw how if young minds with enthusiasm and a motive to turn things take over the sitaution can bring unexpected results. as the message have crossed the KC college and now it is a mass movement. today from swami's, sies(nerul and sion), Khalsa, Somaiya every possible college is coming together to save a life. a life whom we rarely know but this gesture talks volumes about the unity of being a Bmmitte and moreover this incident makes us belief that still humanity exists. in the present times humanity , this word has lost its value and charm but i am glad to write that everyday i am watching how my dear friend Arco tries to channelise things, today when i met Priyanka Venu from KC , i really felt that their initiative is actually bringing results...when i listen to saransh and his ideas i feel that now somehow we all bmmites who are coming together for a cause will surely win over all odds and their are so many other people who are coming forward whom i dont even know... today it was less of a film affair for me than a humanity's call.
i hope and pray that the money required sums up soon and all those who are reading this- if possible please come forward and donate. any amount is acceptable, please come forth and help us save a life, a life is a God's gift why not save it to give a smile to a son ..why not come together and give a smile to Raman's face?
their is a ray of hope and i request all my bmm friends to please come together and stand for a cause.

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