Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day...celebration of love or money...

clock struck 12 and there enters message on my roomies cell...and here i go "valentines day message?" she nods!!
today valentines day is more about buying expensive gifts, boasting about oneself expressing how many gifts and accessories one gets on this day.i dont think people even bother to enquuire why valentines day started what it is all about but yes people do have the time to sit and think what gift one should grab for the loved one. for some it is the day of expresion of love, for singeltons like me its the day to sleep and laze around and for some it is yet another day to rush to office and say"what's so special?" and for some political parties it is the perfect day to make mockery of themselves.
there are people who think valentines day is the day of celebration of love by gifting expensive gifts i ask..where have the emotions gone?is only 14th february the day when you come and tell your partner how much you love them or how important they are for you.isgifting expensive things is celebration of love?i choose to differ because i think love is an emotion which you feel for someone it is not bound by time or gifts, it is bound by emotions which is always present in our heart. love is not a one day celebration it is a celebration of each and every moment which you cherish all the time. you are in love when at the end of the day you thank God and say" thank you for sending him" , love is when after a hard day's work you smile and hug that person and giving him a chance to relax and it is the assuarance that yes "i love you and i am always their for you" this is love according to me. its not monetary element its the smile that matters, its not the bouqet of roses its the clutched fingers and security that matters, its not a soft toy or perfume but a hug that gives more satisfaction.its not an exotic date but a long walk holding each other that matters.
Love is not loss of valuable energy but an expression of joy, happiness, security,care, affection and above all a wonderful feeling which eyes express more than words..and as St.valentine got the two wonderfull souls married i wish everyone falls in love and able to understand that however tough life may be its love that soothes our soul....Happy Valentines Day...


CAUGHT YOU said...

I have to say this " Love remains only when ur stomach is full but when you dont even have money to eat, do u think thier will be any love between two"

Money matters, but money is not only the thing... but i can say that in todays world money matters... Anyways happy valentine.

rahul said...

love and money .

they say money can't buy love , but can bye happiness.

BUT the end ( death ) is same for all scepter and crown will both fall.

nicely witten , u have a spark and thats the real foundation of yor media career .

ankurindia said...

if materialistic things make someone happy in love he /she should look that if its really love or something else ..because love is just a great feeling which is much more valuable than a diamond