Friday, January 5, 2007

the king of IRAQ- SADDAM

It was really a sad and damn incident to happen that a ruler who ruled all alone for more than 22 years saw such a gruesome death.a death he wouldnt have ever imagined in his entire life. when he was hanged all the video clips were aired on national television and the entire hanging was available on internet.
i was travelling when my mom called me up and gave this news and my first reaction was...."what? r u can thay air it?" and ma mom said u shut up u always dont need to poke your nose averywhere. but ma question remains the same is their anything pleasurable to watch some one dying? have our morals gone down so much that we are excitingly and happily watching a hanging going on... it was like when Khudiram Basu was hanged publicly people gathered and till date hez been regarded but in this case the one who died will not be regarded as the martyr but as the one who got his dues of life back.
according to me airing such clips are harmful after this incident a boy died enacting the same thing ..the media should be held responsible for airing such a thing. i understand how much TRP it gathered for them- a breaking news and what not but does any news can be showed without even thinking of its consequences...and the media is considered as gatekeepers,gatewatchers..but this incident has really upset me so much that i feel the media is so much into minting money that human values have lost its existence. i accept he has killed more than 200 shittyes but was that aired to garner public viewing ??? he died by saying its a "sacrifice" but i feel the entire thing was over hyped and over was only an event markin the end of a life...a life which for some was untolerable to bear and for some a holy one.
for me he doesnt matter but yes the way his death came ;it comes as a question that - how a super power nation can make or break countries, its citizens,lives of people. in india people want to go to America for higher studies but only one question that strikes my head is that what is the future of this world its all depended on that super power and the ill logically performing media which is presenting whatever is being fed to them. its high time that the citizens journalism programme takes a high to stop this type of public showcase of undignified news.
a leader being hanged is definitely a news but making it public viewing is pathetic. i hope that the media does not go so down that the question of existence of media can come to play...


Arcopol Chaudhuri said...

Hmmm. :-) Got nothing to comment really. I'm actually tired of thinking what the media should do and should not do. But most importantly, I'm tired of thinking, that I can do nothing about it.

Mind you, I think you should mention 'broadcast media' in your blog, rather than just 'media'. Today, most of the accusations of sensationalising news, etc are towards the News channels bcoz of an essential ingredient called TRPs.

Shaven-And-Shamed said...

dear dear, dear dear dear!

u think too much, really. keep that up, and all ur hair r gonna be white in no time.

seriously speaking, yes, what happened was unethical. but then, it was also economically feasible, wudn't u agree?

sue me if i sound like i'm preaching, but dear, this is 2007. u think any of the media organisations out there give a shit about ideals and morals and ethics? they don't. all they care about is TRPs and Rupees, and don't ever let anyone convince it's any other way.

and, let's face it, it's only gonna get worse. 2007 is gonna give way to 2008 and 2009. we ain't gonna go back to 1947 and start practising journalisting principles all of a sudden. we're gonna continue worshipping the Dollar God, or in our case the Rupee Devta.

so what do we do? we do what the world does. we Live for Ourselves.

Ashwin said...

well Media will invade our privacy it is a fact that we have to accept.The Problem of sensationalising news items are tv chanels job.but i wud say that tv chanels also show the footage but they did not cross ther limit

Janhavee Moole said...

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