Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Treasured Memory- DeeptI aka ChippU

When I left Mumbai my friends gathered in numbers to bid me farewell. My college friends gave me what I love the most a diary and a card filled by everyone to wish me a prosperous life ahead. Gifts poured from office colleagues, family friends, school friends everywhere. But of all the soft toys, gifts, chocolates and wishes were expected, I knew Ashwin and Rocky did always give me softtoys, my classmates something to write with, close friends would come up with my favourite dress or book but of all one that I treasure the most was a surprise which came from Deepti, I call her Chippu because most of the time she is busy oiling her hair and roaming around the house in her oil tanked hair and giving instructions to me, how I should keep the house clean, how disastrous I’d be as a housewife!!(Her utmost concern), talking about her tension filled life, talking about things that we dislike and discussing about work, future, life and its philosophies.

She suddenly gave me a card out of no where and a yellow rose and hugged me tightly and tears filled our eyes but the truth is I rarely cry infront of Chippu, because I am her spirit of strength who did never fall, give up or backed out of any decision once affirmed and nonetheless always washed others tears than spilled her own. So how could I cry in her presence!!!

Finally when I read that letter sitting on my seat in the train tears couldn’t stop flowing from my eyes, it said,
“to the beautiful friend PooH J,
Dear pooja,
You have been the source of power and courage in times of sadness and disguise and source of happiness and cheerfulness in times of quietness always. Your stupid jokes and unstoppable lectures, I will miss them all.
Frankly and honestly in last three years you changed my thinking and perspective towards friendship.
Will miss your hand every time tears will come in my eyes, love you will miss you a lot. Keep in touch!
From, deepu (chippu)”

I cherish these words and will always do it(these words aint those which change with time), we both have seen life’s ups and downs together, days and nights spent discussing life and its various anecdotes, and my most adorable girl, I miss you a lot. I did never tell you what you mean to me or bid you goodbye because if I ever say bye to you then with whom will I share my feelings, my sorrows my happiness which I hide from the world.
My elder sister, my loveliest friend with whom life has been a Love-Hate relationship, fought, hugged, bitched, shared secrets done it all………..
Miss you , long for those humorous chats and crazy mimics and days when you would beat me during fights coz I could never reason prolifically …
With love,
Once again when I am reading this before hitting the save button, tears fill my eyes, but of course they wont fall as this is for U.


Arin said...

emotional to the core!!!!!
we all experience these things but to write is tough!!!
i am sure you must have been feeling a choke in your throat while writing this!!!!

deepti said...
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deepti said...

hey throat gt choked wen i read this post of urs...thnaks a lot a lot......thanku u for understandin me ....amongst all the people in ma life...i feel u r really one who still need ma presence and thats y i cherish our friendship........i still feel and hope that u cud be here and chat wid me and i cud share all those stupid things wid u........distance and communication gap whic is there now....i wish i cud break them 1 thing i promise ..u will never vanish and will never let u go frm ma heart......u will be part of ma life always.....always...and will always be
there 4 u ..

deepti said...