Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!!

It was my birthday and I anticipated that my mother wanted to celebrate it with zest, although I lost my grandfather early this year I wasn’t sure of celebrating it, even my family members (my so called relatives) aren’t so happy with me turning mature and older day by day as that means I would understand there tricks which they are manoeuvring for years for gaining a small piece of property which my dad and grandpa built. Thus I decided to celebrate it away with a few close family friends, thus the venue was fixed at my dad’s best friends house where he and his nuclear family was present and my mama-jomma arrived later and me and my parents consisted the entire guest list.
Total Guest(including me): 8
Then I was asked to cut the cake with 20 candles alighting atop my cake which frightened me because I am growing older. Voila..i cut the beautiful chocolate cake and then ate the biggest piece myself… then we sat for the dinner. Chicken biryani (PETA supportives don’t read this!!), fish cutlet follwed by sweet and ice cream. Then my uncle and dad asked whether the birthday celebration they did put up at the short interval was good, was I happy?
MY INTROSPECTION: I was happy for the reason that I was celebrating with my parents’ close knit family friends. These two friends of my dad my uncle and mamu, they are friends for more than 24 years which is commendable in every manner. In the contemporary society it is very rare that we can maintain friendships for such a long time. It’s rare but still this three friends share such a wonderful equation with each other. They scold each other, laugh together and also in need stand by each other. And more than that these friends had been able to make there wives close friends of each other and to add the children also follow this same norm. but there is a distance between us me and my sis(mama’s daughter) we love each other a lot but surely a distance of eight years is inevitable in our relationship. Amit (uncle’s son) he feels proud of the fact he doesn’t mingle with girls!! So this is the present generation …standing far from each other. It really disappoints me when I introspect the present generation which is so time bound and mean, we don’t befriend someone for happiness we befriend to get our work done. Today there is dearth of friends but ofcourse hundreds of acquaintances are present who surround our daily life and sometimes we fool us by thinking that’s what life is all about today. But if I insist ourselves to think about the school days we would gladly say we had such great friends, then college days where we gain friends of lifetime and office where with every passing job the numerousness increases with less profoundness.
Life for some is short for some its long but we should try and look at the beautiful things, maintain relationships and be happy about it because only when we lose someone who was close to us then we realise the proximity. So be happy and grow older wisely!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

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mugdha said...

i dunno abt others but m nt gonna leave u hunybuny :)