Tuesday, December 26, 2006

merry xmass....

jingle bell...jingle bell ....and here comes the santa with so many gifts for children.christmas is the celebration of birth of lord Jesus....celebration of love and unity amongst us..it is not necessary that you have to be a christian to celebrate the festival...it lies in our heart whether we wish to celebrate it or not.

today let it be any fest the main thing that has cropped up is materialism...its the time for shopkeepers to make money..santa caps,stockings,bells,trees,new clothes and so on...it is not only the christians who are indulging as part of their fest but every youth wants to participate in the festivities.i wont cal it globalisation but i would say it is the broadminded thinking of ours that has led us to celebrate all the fests with same enthusiasm and happiness.everyone wants to get a cap or stocking, toys and gifts...why??????the question can not be answered by a single person but i think it is a good sign for everyone...shopkeepers are earning, people are buying and being happy....so wats wrong in dat????still their are some sections in this society who are against these indulgence but i believe we should come together and our unity should set an example for others who think religion bars the interaction of social beings... occasions come and go..they are meant to bring joy and happiness,peace and love its the celebration of feelings and not religious division.....

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Ankss said...

Well said pooja abt the broadmind thinking and also about the religion too.

There are families who doesnt want to get involved in other religious ocassion but we should make them understand that we respect there fastivals and we enjoy the others festivals too

And about the SANTA, well its very much popular because of WESTER COUNTRIES !!!!

All can i say is KEEP IT UP