Thursday, December 4, 2014

As the year ends..

There is nothing in this world which makes me happier than listening to Cold Play, type in my old age computer not the laptop or ipad..the computer keyboard….no I am not one of those who has taken a liking to touch phones and ipads…but I still own them…this exactly points how contradictory we are… As the year ends...this is all I could think of...
We like something yet we end up with something completely different.
I had stopped writing on my personal blog, why? Because everything around is so impersonal.  One moment which stayed with me this year was while passing by in the taxi, I saw a young naked boy in the arms of his little sister looking eagerly at a passerby’s packet of food, a lady sitting under the flyover, her permanent address may be, and two men sitting on the chair waiting with plates for food to be served. The taxi went in a hurling speed, life moved on, so did theirs, but left an imprint on me.
Another learning—Indians aren’t equipped to deal with solo female travelers. Had the time of my life travelling across Udaipur, yet those glaring eyes, the ones that question-“the girl is travelling alone?”, “How did your family allow you to travel alone?”, “You don’t have anyone to travel with? And the best is when the woman asks her partner to get up and she comes and sits next to me…as if I have nothing better to do in life!  Some ugly looks some sniffs…yet there is nothing that has made me happier than travelling alone basking in the nature, the great Aravalis during rains, the black clouds pouring just when you stand atop the Monsoon Palace..these are joys may be you can never describe nor relive!
Biggest Learning—Some so called friends stabbed right in my back and some fake friendships still continue to weigh on..apparently being honest dosen’t leave you with anyone! So here is to being little nice this year!
And of course- I still can’t believe I inspired someone to drop his job study and go to college! I am always so proud of you my little brother, my friend! @arunabho: I am so proud of you that you got through your dream college and ofcourse this made this year close at its best!
Got my dream job too… yet…
Lived life on my terms…and thus…
Still figuring out how people fall in love …but…
Funnily those gaps will have to find their answers some day and “Lights will guide you home…”

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Arun said...

a rare genome u r !

For the gaps in ur fingers will find its fillers, and the love of ur life will wipe all ur tears. Keep walking on the path u're on.... cuz u hav no idea how many souls u inspire to live on!
Love u Pooja Sarkar.

U have been with me through the toughest of my time, and nothing can i say to complete this rhyme ;)

love u loads