Monday, April 2, 2007

finally back to blogging...NOTES

Finally after one month my blogger has opened and i am glad to scribble everything that has been inside me for this long. University exams are approaching from 9 th April and i am yet to begin some of the subjects. while each semester comes and goes the only thing that takes the centrestage while exams come are "NOTES". students xerox notes worth hundreds of rupees and the xeroxwalas have a tough time xeroxing hundreds of copies, its the perfect time for them to rake everything possible from the students.
while discussing on this notes topic one of my friend suggested the funda of Socialistic economy and Capitilistic economy. now one might wonder how come these political terms are viable regarding notes. let me explain, the student who gives away all his/her notes to other classmates become socialistic economy and those who are always busy collecting notes and always replying others "oh yaa!!you got those notes..i didn get yaa..can u giv me dose ones..." even if he has those notes he will never accept he has them.
another major factor is groupism, if BMM has taught me anything then it is to stay away from groupism but somewhere down the lane even i had become a goupy girl but i am happy i am out of that phase. students would provide notes only to the people of their group.
It actually makes me wonder sometimes that what will happen if people share their notes with others, not giving a copy to another classmate for studies -does it really help? doesnt it strike the conscience of that individual of being selfish? what will one do with hundred pages of notes which the person will rarely remember while writing the papers during those two hours...yes some people do have the reason to justify for not giving the notes -"he didnt give me in the last sem so why should i? "
"why should i give my notes i searched them"
this makes me think where we are heading..we dont want to help people BMM atleast marks dont matter still like small school kids we cry over notes and the allied affects of not getting notes, bitching about people who didnt give them and thanking God for getting some.
we have become so self-centric that we dont realise that we have forgotten some old morals of life that our parents ans teachers taught us when we were small kids- share and give. sharing is the best way to help someone and also a form of self- help. this trend is going to continue someone will remain widout notes and some with cupboard filled with bundles of xeroxes and we will only get to listen while standing in front of the xerox center...
" terey paas notes hai kya? "
"no reyy!!!"


Third Eye said...

I take life with a pinch of salt. Grey shades. Not totally black, not totally white. Not totally capitalist, not totally socialist, as your friend used the terms. ;-)

Differently Challenged said...
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Differently Challenged said...

Well there are many more models as well:
The entrepreneur: You find notes from all over the world, and agree to photocopy them for your classmates, but charge them an inflated price

Communism: Take your Prof's notes and claim that they are the only ones that matter. Conspire with your prof to fail all those that read from some other notes

the possibilities are endless, with your imagination as the only limit.